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  1. TSC644

    Support Verification

    Sky Force P3D order Simmarket 1774621
  2. Mail address changed

    1. TSC644


      Previously recorded mail address xxx.yyy@hotmail has been hacked up and locked.

      Just purchased REX prepar3D but I'm affraid the involved licence key went off to this locked address for which I have no control anymore.

      Can you possibly tell me how to recover it on my actual mail address.

      Kind regards,


  3. TSC644

    [RESOLVED] Re-download REX Extreme

    Forget about it, got it through my order number in here (forum) displayed. Thanks anyway and fly safe. Rgds, Jacques
  4. Hi Guys, Following harddisk crash, changed the latter and UNABLE to reload REX, no references available. REX was ordered sometimes in 2010, how to re-download it again without charges applied? Many thanks for your kind assistance, Jacques