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  1. Hi there, despite this being an older post I've had this problem twice: In both cases after I made a manual weather injection, I had a sudden temperature and pressure change (+4 degrees at 39.000 feet) and I noticed the weather selection in fsx changed to "Weather Themes Clear Skies". After manually setting back to "User_Defined Weather" everything went back to normal. It seems sometimes the manual weather injection force a switch into the fsx weather theme selection. One more thing: I see from other posts that there is no difference between manual injection and automatic injection. Anyway it seems to me that manual injection (I'm used to force it before starting a final approach) reloads (and uses more time) than the automatic injection. It also seems to me that the manual injection is more accurate. in 2 or 3 cases I had a visibility and cloud coverage that wasn't matching metar reports in approaches. After manual injection anyway the visibility and cloud coverage changed correctly. Because of this i took the habitude to launch a manual injection before a final approach. Have any of the beta testers experienced this?
  2. Thanks a lot and happy holidays
  3. Usually I make an manual injection before catching ILS in order to avoid an automatic injection on short final. For this reason I would like to have a hot key to press in order to manually inject the weather update without leaving FSX searching for the weather engine window. With FSX hot key I mean something like the CTRL+F12 you have in GSX or the CTRL+SHIFT+W you have in AES I have a home cockpit and I assigned a switch to the above functions. I would find it useful to have something like that for REX manual injection. It can be useful also for those simmers that fly on full screen...It would mean to be able to manually force an injection without the need to switch to windowed mode.
  4. Hi, I didn't find such topic on the forum so I start it here: Is there a way to set a hot key from FSX to load weather, instead to right click on the weather engine window? Many thanks
  5. Dear Iubrian, do you use FSinn to fly online? I ask you this because time ago I had as well this issue with the NGX and found out that FSinn was causing the problem. I use now squawkbox to fly online and I never had this issue again.
  6. So reinstalling the patch did the trick. Previously the installer created a new folder "REX overdrive" and installed there all the files. My installation was originally in the REX 2.0 folder updated through the years. Reading a similar recent post i gave this a try reinstalling the patch on my original 2.0 folder and that's it, now everything seems to work. You can mark this post as "solved". Thanks!
  7. Ok I will try in the next days as I'm currently away. I have a question: as I purchased REX plus far back in 2011 I would have to go again through all the different updates before reaching the current version. Is there a way to simply download and install the most recent updated version directly? I made my purchase through flightsimstore. Many thanks
  8. Hi, just upgraded to the new service pack 3. the version shown is correct and everything seems to work. Anyway, on the texture page i cannot see the windows of the different themes. If I move around the page the mouse switch from arrow to hand like if there is something to click on but the page shown is blank. See attachment. Thanks for support Cheers.
  9. One more thing that I realized only now: On the weather map I can see the coloured areas around the aircraft but no map is shown, the area around the plane is simply white and no coasts, seas or land can be seen.
  10. Dear Tim, please find here below my specs. The problem seems to be solved as now REX is downloading and processing data as usual from Vatsim and NOAA Could have been caused by a problem with the Vatsim server?
  11. Hi there, Today, for the first time i had this problem. I always fly online on vatsim and since always REX worked fine. As i launch REX it automatically downloads and work on vatsim data (i see this from the bar). Today it happens that simply the green bar doesn't even shows up, just writes that is working on data but nothing else. Very quickly (too quickly) the data are processed and i see on the weather page that absolutely no winds have been downloaded. I also get the message on fsx that the weather file doesn't exist. If i untick the option "enable vatsim data" then REX works fine and downloads data from noaa without pro lems. The green bar takes some seconds to reach the right edge and then the weather shows up correctly. What is the problem? May e vatsim weather data for some reason are not accessibile? I run last version of REX on fsx accelleration sp2 on W7 cpu i7930 @ 3.99
  12. maybe I misunderstand the question Bruce made but i went through the manual few times but didn't notice any reference to how the FSX settings have to be set regarding clouds...All different possibilities within REX are clearly explained but i don't have clear what settings of cloud coverage has to be set in FSX and if it has some influence on REX. I suppose maximum but i would like to have a feedback, please. Other question, on FSX.cfg adding cloud coverage 12 provides full overcast. Is this still necessary or we have to leave everything up to REX? Thanks.
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