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  1. Any idea as to when I might get a resolution to my now over 3 weeks old support request?
  2. I get an email from Marc Pope requesting my Product key to address the issue I'm I am having. Again it went to my spam folder and has all kinds of warnings not to reply with any private of personal information. Can you confirm that this is in fact a legitimate email from REX support please before I reply to it. Thanks, Dave McClean
  3. OK, there was a reply in my spam folder on the 14th Just for your information it has a big read warning on it that says: "This message seems dangerous It contains a suspicious link that was used to steal people's personal information. Avoid clicking links or replying with personal information." also it says below a copy of my support request: "We will answer as soon as possible." OK so hopefully you will be able to address my issue soon. Thanks, Dave McClean
  4. Just wondering whats happening with the support request I made. I made it twice. First I think over a week ago now via the REX download manager and again a few days ago via the contact us link on this website. It believe it said I would receive a response within 48 hours in both instances. I haven't even received an acknowledgement in either case. What's Up?
  5. REX Essentials Plus flightsimstore.com Order Number:FSS0056477
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