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  1. Is there a way to increase the shadow in the cockpit like the cloud shadow on the terrain (did I miss this somewhere)? TOTALLY enjoying EF5!
  2. For all that you, the REX team does, the developers, programmers, testers, imagineers, and everyone else I can't think to mention, a heart-felt: T H A N K S ! ! ! ! Just had to take a moment and say that. Peace / cheers!
  3. This is an awesome addition! Thanks!
  4. Thank you. I appreciate the quick response.
  5. I have two computers. A new laptop (Alienware 18 w/ 2 video cards in SLI) that runs P3D 3.4 very well, and an older desktop that runs FSX. I have already installed into P3D. Can I install onto the desktop concurrently without invalidating the license? I don't want to mess anything up, nor accidentally do something I shouldn't. Thanks for your time and consideration.
  6. The update for both stand-alone products, TD4 and Soft Clouds has been installed correctly. Many thanks!!!!
  7. After multiple attempts to download the newest hotfix, either from within the TD4, or soft clouds programs, AND downloading directly from the website after logging in, NONE of the updates are working. In ALL cases, and attempts, the installer either says it is already installed, a newer version has already been installed, or uninstall from Control Panel and reinstall. For example, the auto updater from within the TD4 program (for auto updates) downloads this file: 4.6.2016.622. The website for a direct-file-download downloads this file: 4.6.2016.622 / SP6 Hotfix 3. It would seem that there has been a mistake as to WHAT file we are being directed to download. I don't know what the correct file name may be, perhaps 4.6.2016.928? (or whatever it is supposed to be?) In my case, all I am getting is what I already have installed from June. The direct download file says it is sp4 hotfix 4 20160928. But when I look deeper at the file, it says it contains the data and logic required for REX 4 Texture Direct SP6 hotfix 3. Wasn't this supposed to be hotfix 4? For example, Soft clouds auto updater says "REX-4 - Texture Direct - SP6 Hotfix 3: another version of this product is already installed. Installation of this version cannot continue. To configure or remove the existing version of this product, use Add/Remove Programs on the Control Panel". Uhm, this is the Auto-updater in Soft Clouds. Why would it be downloading for TD4 when I am wanting Soft Clouds updated? You get the idea. The paths are not correct in either stand-alone product updates and are not working. Many thanks for your time, attention and consideration.
  8. Installed perfectly, and works as expected! Beautiful in P3D v3.x! Many thanks.
  9. Yes, thank you. I have not yet had the time to try an install on the laptop. That is the weekend-fun project. I will let you know if anything goes wrong. Thanks for caring. It is appreciated.
  10. I purchased/ordered "REX 4 texture direct" from "FlightSimStore.com". I now want to install it again for use with P3D on my laptop. I can't log in to the website. The email receipt says to come here for product support. If I can't login, how do I get purchase support? The website is unresponsive. What do I do to get the product download again? I am grateful for any assistance to resolve this issue. Thanks.
  11. I continue to enjoy REX 4. And I thank you for a wonderful product. I fly in areas that FSX says is REEFED, but when I actually FLY in real life, it doesn't look so bright, and often are MUCH DARKER. If I knew how, I would have changed the "Coral Reef" texture myself. But I don't know how. If this were editable, I could lighten / darken appropriately to the general area, weather, daytime/dusk/dark, or just to my personal preferences. May I ask: is there a way - or is it being considered - how to change the coral reef "bright blue" textures? Thank you for your time and consideration.
  12. Many thanks for the response. It is with GREAT pleasure to read the response. I am grateful to the REX team for such wonderful products through the years, and look forward to many more. Cheers!
  13. I apologize for the LONG wait and no response from me. It was VERY busy on my end. Yes, update is fine, and no issues with updating. Thank you for your kindness and patience.
  14. When I install ANY of the wave textures from REX 4 (build 4.3.2014.0814) into P3D 2.4, in clear weather conditions at dawn, the sun reflections are cut off half-way by a dark "mass" on the water (like non-reflective murky water, being visible only on the horizon, and nowhere else, nothing like default). And at dusk the sun reflection is bent, not linear, as though it were on a tangent, or a curved line of sight, rather than straight on, unlike it is in default. I was successful in restoring defaults, and tried the wave textures again, same results. I tried a reinstall of P3D with the same results above, in their respective install steps. P3D is set to 4096 textures, almost all sliders to full/ultra/high/extreme, 30 fps. What is the fix? I love the default and thought REX 4 would make it better, but I don't believe this is better. Feedback is welcomed. Cut-off / Distorted Default
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