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  1. So if I buy SF, I won't need to buy TD?
  2. Hi team, I love the look of REX clouds in general, but I have no idea what the difference is between Soft Clouds and regular clouds. I don't even know which REX program comes with the regular clouds anyway, is it Sky Force or Texture Direct? But does Soft Clouds overwrite the regular textures with some new style, or does it just add more choice to the texture load system? Why do I need Soft Clouds? Have read the products page on your website and SimMarket, can't get a valid explanation. And the screenshots look no different that the other REX programs. Thanks!
  3. Hi Reed, The problem seems to have fixed itself over time. Perhaps the NOAA server had issues everytime I tried accessing it, as I am in New Zealand which means night time for the people at NOAA. But I've tried a few times in the past few days with no problems. Thanks for the interest anyway. Sam.
  4. I am not sure if Windows was updated. It's automatic. I completely un-installed my entire REX yesterday then re-installed. It worked fine for two flights, installing weather based textures and using the weather WASys program. However, today it is displaying the same problems intermittently. The WASys began loading and stuck at 6%. The firewall message did not always appear. Then after being stuck at 6% for a while, it would show the map but with no obvious weather injected (clear skies). I might mention that no other IP based programs on my computer are having firewall or connection issues.
  5. Hi Reed, Problem is still present in both forms. I added all the REX programs to the Windows Firewall exceptions list for inbound and outbound, and set as Allow. This didn't have any effect sadly. Is the NOAA server still malfunctioning at this time?
  6. Hi Staff, Just today I opened the REX program to download the wx and update the textures, then I typed in my airport code. It just stuck on the Loading screen. Also, the REX wx engine would not load, and a message came up saying "FIREWALL ALERT: ..." However, I never touched my firewall, and even disabled the whole firewall. Without any change. Regards, Sam.
  7. Thank you for the furtherance on FS2004. I fully understand if there is a delay, as long as not a complete dis-continuation. Best regards.
  8. Oh right, I didn't see that on the bulletin. When will an update be released to fix and upgrade the FS2004 one then? Simply because some buyers have the other FS version, shouldn't mean we miss out.
  9. Hi staff, I have REX for FS2004 and I noticed the new update which improves the winds aloft. I have had great problems with this, sometimes the aircraft will stall with the amount of windshear experienced. Along with many other bugs, which I am hoping are fixed in this update. How can I get this update, or do I have to purchase the entire new version? Thanks, Sam.
  10. Ok, thanks Kees. I will do this in a week or two, as I'm going away for a while. I'm sure the problem won't fix itself when I'm gone
  11. I just had it happen again, this time it was after exactly 4 hours of flight time! The Wx engine had been operating for about 4.5 hours however, but this is still very strange. Flying EWR-SFO, somewhere over western Colorado at FL340. Checked the performance monitor, it shows 30% commitment with 4,400 Mb's available. I checked the errorlog folder, and there were 786 logs just for this flight. I tried to restart the Wx engine, but it was just a black map screen. Looking at the error folder while this was happening, a log was being created every second!
  12. Ok, so I just flew KSFO-KIAH. Only a 3.5hr flight, so no crash this time. Will try monitoring the memory at the event next time it does crash. Monitoring the memory use in that program shows the following: @SFO: %Committed=33; AvailableMB=3,980. @Cruise:%Committed=27; Available MB=4,400. @Landed: %Committed=27; Available MB=4,460. @IAH: %Committed=28; Available MB=4,650. I'd say, overall that's not much memory being used. I've got 8GB DDR3-10600.
  13. No, FS continues to run fine. Just the Wx engine quits. Sometimes I can start it again, sometimes it needs to be off for an hour and then it will let me open it again. But that resets all my AI traffic, not good when near approach! I too completely reinstalled REX and all the service packs, right up to Overdrive. It didn't help the situation. For me, it's hard to gauge. It crashed after about 4 hours on my flight to SFO, but on other flights it survives longer, sometimes 10 hours. How do I check the memory load?
  14. Ok, so I set VATSIM weather, and ensured both the WxEngine and REX program are running with admin rights. Flew ORD-SFO, about 200nm from SFO the Wx program quits. Error log folder is full of this: "Class Location: ucRadarMaps.createWxMap Error: The remote server returned an error: (403) Forbidden."
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