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  1. I think it's still there? http://www.rexsimulations.com/texturedirectsc.html
  2. Oh right, so $24.95 is the everyday price now? And what currency? Thanks
  3. Thanks, then if I buy Sky Force, then is Texture Direct mandatory to get improved textures? Or is Sky Force recommended standalone? I would love to buy both products, but want to know if it's necessary. I'm used to REX 2004, which looked 100% IMHO. What current day equivalent mostly carries on from REX 2004? Thanks!
  4. Hi team, When does the Texture Direct + Soft Clouds sale end? And what currency is your web-store? There's nothing to suggest the currency, could be AUD, USD, NZD... Should really write "AUD 24.95" to clarify. Thanks.
  5. Hi team, I'm a loyal REX 2004 customer who just moved into P3Dv4. I use ASP4 for my weather engine, but have always used REX for all my texturing needs. What REX program should I buy for textures? REX Texture Direct + Soft Clouds seems like the texture program I need. But do I need to buy REX Sky Force before that? I won't be using REX for weather generation, as I have always preferred the realism of AS engine. Gave AS Cloud Art a try and it's terrible! Give me REX textures and sky colours any day!
  6. Nice one, you reckon the sim actually helped when it came to your first lesson? I've had FS2004 since it came out, and in 2010 I flew solo in a Piper (real-life). Now I'm training for Commercial licence at present, should be done by the end of 2013. If it wasn't for FS, I wouldn't have known half as much as I do. Especially those first few lessons, where the instructor tells you to perform turns and climbs, I got the feel for it so quickly. In the sim I've got over 3200 hours, which certainly helps in real life. My instructor can't believe how professional I am at just 180 hrs (real-life). Good luck with ur licence mate, and hope you go solo soon!
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