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  1. Support Verification

    Controller: "Hawk 20, is this the same aircraft declaring emergency about two hours ago ?" Pilot: "Negativ, Sir. It's only the same pilot." Just for verification purpose ;-) Ralf P.S. After this post I've been able to see I'm already verified, but unable to delete this message... Thanks
  2. Hi from Berlin/Germany. First of all: Thanks a lot for providing that great livery for free here in this forum. I'm not really familiar with most (esp. regional) airlines of Australia other than Quantas, as they don't operate here in this part of the world. While using my PMDG JS4100 with this REX livery for some weeks I always thougt, it's some kind of funny gag to paint an Aircraft with the "Real Enviromnent Extreme" letters. I never thougt this might be a real airline, until my daughter just sent my this from her trip to Brisbane: I asked her to take a photo of any "Brindabella Airlines" sign ( one of the PMDG house liverys) and was just learning now that REX exists for real... Regards Ralf