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  1. snpower

    Support Verification

    REX Essentials FSS0072722 The Flight Sim Store... old purchase that I want to use with Prepar3D... isn't there a minimal licensing charge?
  2. snpower

    Budget FSX System Build

    Thanks. Can FSX use 8gb though?
  3. snpower

    Budget FSX System Build

    I know everyone cringes when they hear 'budget'! Here's my deal: Would like to build a good FSX system and not break the bank. This machine will run (1) FSX, and (2) X-PLANE - that's it! I use MAC's for everything else. Money is tight, and will remain so as far as I can tell. Budget is $500 (plus or minus). I have the hard drive, OS, and will use my existing GPU for the time being, so I need (presumably all from NewEgg): -CPU -MOBO -FAN -CASE -MEMORY The i5 2500K looks good (it seems everyone over clocks these days), coupled with 4GB corsair RAM and an ASUS MOBO but I know NOTHING about PC's anymore. I'd love input; please keep in mind that I fly for a living so this is purely recreation – I won't be doing online stuff or virtual airlines. Also, I'd like to be able to upgrade the machine when I have more $$$. Thank you for the assistance.
  4. Hi I'm an avid Mac guy and professional pilot that is discovering how phenomenonal products like FSX are, especially combined with quality add ons such as REX. I am planning on building a system which will more or less just be used for simming later this year and was hoping to get some input on what components to buy. I realize technology changes rapidly so suggestions now may not be the best in six months. Cost is an object – I'd like the best bang for the buck but this will not be a cost is no object project. I'd like to stick as close to $1200.00 or so as I can. Thanks in advance.
  5. That makes sense. I like the Aero Files runway and ramp textures but certainly don't want REX's sky/cloud/sun/etc. textures replaced.
  6. Anyone using this, and can it be used with REX installed or would one texture set override the other? I guess that applies to all other texture add ons as well. Thanks.