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  1. hey Tim

    Was I taken off of theRSF insiders.  I can't get into the forum anymore for future updates. 




  2. Hey guys, Just upgraded to the new update for Prepar3D version 3.3. everything seem to work however the clouds in cloud in REX when generating come up black like smoke. Then eventually go back to normal. is there an update or service pack coming soon? Thanks.
  3. Reed, 

    Did something happen with the Weather Force Development sir.

    I don't see it on the forum anymore. 

  4. yeah I was just going to post about the same issue. this occurs when I inject a theme into Preper3d V3. I've tested a few flights and the items seem to be there with the exception of the water and sun glare of of course. same log alert though. Update: Found the solution. Make sure you have the checkmark off on Weather engines in the main setting, if you do not have a weather engine installed. that will fix that pop up when you install a theme.
  5. Man, Good thing I watch the FTX videos. Didn't even know I had updates for my REX 4
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