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  1. Hahahaha, Very good, Kjell😀
  2. IF you plan to use Active Sky as you weather engine, there is no need to run skyforce. EF is getting your cloud textures from the skyforce folder. Always open EF first before the weather engine or P3D. 😀
  3. you will still need a active weather engine to inject weather data into EF. I you have another active weather engine running then you can leave SF closed
  4. Kman, Do you have the sim running when you attempt to turn on automatic Texture syncing? You must be in sim sessions for that to work. I'll error out if your doing it while the sim is not running. hope this help
  5. when opening EF go to manual mode. then go to Lighting /Visability control. Enabled Manual lighting, then close EF. the next time you open it. the Sim Mini IU will appear.😀 Hope this helps
  6. yes, you Can😀 the Realtime Sync is already Active. I have both enabled on mine
  7. EF knows to look for the Cloud models in you Skyforce folder. You will only need to run Active Sky for the "Weather engine" only if you choose to use it. Don't have both Skyforce and ASN injecting weather data. Hope this helps 😀
  8. hey Tim

    Was I taken off of theRSF insiders.  I can't get into the forum anymore for future updates. 




  9. Hey guys, Does the new Prepar3D update 3.4.14 work with TD4 and WAHD okay with no issues??? Just checking before I proceed with the update
  10. I was going to ask if the same is needed for TD4 and WAHD too, before I update my Prepard 3D. should I hold off just yet?
  11. I concur. you guys should see what an enhanced KSEA looks like now. My Jaw dropped as I was boarding and all in GSX. Jetways and everything worked. Just one request I would like to add for future updated, Can we get 2 or more levels of Faded Taxiway Markings for the themes?
  12. okay, thanks, Tim Cleared the shader folder in Appdata/ LockheedMartin/Prepar3D and let it rebuild again. We have nice clouds again. Thanks for the help sir.
  13. Tim can I get the link for the softcloud merge into TD4 Please?
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