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  1. hi timest thank u for your answer have a good day
  2. Is there someone Who can explain how toi install tomatoshade in EF THANKS
  3. i see ui mini but not in the picture
  4. hello Federico yes i see it
  5. hi team after i downloaded the hotfix i've got the same problem tomatoshade is greyed and how you put tomatoshade in ef ? thanks guys
  6. I ve got this error clouds directional lighting 3, the desired block is not found preset has been applied with errors
  7. Hello friends is there a hotfix for p3d v3.2 for REX essential plus w/ overdrive can i install cloud texture water without problem ?
  8. What are the settings to do the animation for waves in P3D 2.4 I rex4 tui 2 with soft clouds above 1500 feet it's ugly water is static I specify that I have scrupulously followed the guide REX everything is fine except the waves it is a pity
  9. Hi the REX team thank u very much for your answer i will wait for implement To REX 4. i wish you a very good year To all
  10. Hi everybody can you give me the good setting for soft cloud because i have REX 4 too and i don't know how it work Thank u
  11. Thank u and continue to do a very good Job team REX !!!
  12. The following is a fix list within Service Pack 1 (build: 4.1.2014.0122) For me i update direct via REX 4 and my build is 4.1.2014.0128 And itvs work great
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