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  1. And REX makes the sim beautiful thanks guys for the good job
  2. what's the point of having this app has already REX 4?
  3. Is there anybody who can explain to me what's the difference between this 2 mode? It seems the standard mode is morte real ?
  4. Defragmenter, extra breath for FSX

    hi Tim and thank u for your answer oh what´s the weather in Phoenix ? have a nice day for me it Will be a fly day !!!
  5. Defragmenter, extra breath for FSX

    hello from France and sorry for my english a new thing for beautiful clouds !!!! SET 4096 in REX essential plus overdrive and set 2048 in your fsx .cfg for me it´s really better enjoy and thank you REX for the good work you do !!!
  6. Support Verification

    FSS020389 this is my order FSS0203895 and i bought it to the flightsim store