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  1. I used FireFox to download and Winrar to unzip to a temp folder to install. I've been thinking about why Soft Clouds integration would not install when I had Textures Direct Enhanced and Soft Clouds standalone installed, but installed after removing both these programs, removed any reference through regedit and re-installed using Texture Direct rextd_sp6_hotfix3_20160622. When I was unable to install Soft Clouds integration the installer pointed to F:\Texture Direct folder automaticly, but when I re-installed Textures Direct rextd_sp6_hotfix3_20160622 the installer pointed to F:\appdx instead. I had to manually browse to F:\Textures Direct folder. Is it possible the installer is unable to resolve install location even when it points to the correct install location? Ops, miss copied the file name, sorry, another senior moment. Re-installed using Textures Direct rextd_sp6_hotfix5_20170725 instead of rextd_sp6_hotfix3_20160622
  2. Mine was blank also, went to the next screen, clicked next and it went right into the install screen.
  3. Windows 10 64 bit version 1703 os build 15063.540 When I reinstalled Textures Direct I used rextd_sp6_hotfix3_20160622. Is that what you used?
  4. Do you have Soft Clouds installed now? Wasn't sure if Soft Clouds was the issue so I un-installed it before attempting the install of Soft Clouds integration.
  5. That was my thought too. That's why I went with Textures Direct rextd_sp6_hotfix3_20160622 . Let me know if this works for you
  6. No, just Textures Direct rextd_sp6_hotfix5_20170725 . Didn't want to install the Textures Direct Enhanced in case that was causing the problem, The Soft Clouds integration installs Textures Direct Enhanced along with Soft Clouds
  7. in regedit went to HKEY_USERS - S-1-5-21-20945729-2308380057-313935925-1001 - Software - REX Game Studios. Under that were folders for Soft Clouds and Textures Direct. Deleted both of those before doing the re-install
  8. They took the link down because of this issue. As soon as the issue is resolved they should be putting it back up. I resolved my problem with not being able to install, waiting to see if others are able to resolve their install issue the same way as I did.
  9. Ok, got the installer to work by un-installing Soft Clouds and Textures Direct Enhanced. Went into regedit and removed the entries for Soft Clouds and Textures Direct, re-installed Textures Direct rextd_sp6_hotfix5_20170725 then ran rextdsc_sp7_20170818_nopay. Installed without issue and shows version when running Textures Direct. Only issue was when I got to the window for install location it showed F:/appdx instead of F:/Textures Direct folder, just had to point it to my Textures Direct folder manually on my F drive
  10. rstough, Should we un-install then re-install Texture Direct?
  11. Found this by timest999 in another post. The installer works for them, but not for those of us who have posted here. It would seem that perhaps our systems or Windows install may be the problem although I am perplexed as to what would be different with our systems. Hopefully we will hear from either timest999 or rstough soon with further detailed inquiry into our setups and install attempts for this software
  12. Clicked next multiple times after waiting 1-2 minutes between each click. Have waited approx 8 min since last click with no indication anything being installed into the Texture Direct folder. Also back button clickable but will not go back to next screen. The only button that works is the cancel button
  13. Gave no response after clicking on next. Opened Task Manager, processes, details which shows that it's running, but nothing being installed to the Texture Direct folder
  14. Hi, Just downloaded the Soft Cloud integration upgrade. Attempting to install into REX 4 TEXTURE DIRECT ENHANCED EDITION – BUILD 4.7.2017.0814. Used the Standalone version of Soft Clouds download link. Ran the installer as administrator, accepted my serial key, clicked on next, installer correctly pointed to my REX Texture Direct folder, clicked on next and nothing happened. No activity from installer noted
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