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  1. Thanks Tim While im at it i may as well ask you this question..If i buy REX 4 can i get rid of REX 3 and just use the fsx to inject the weather? Will the textures and everything be the same as if i was using REX weather engine? I dont care if the weather injected is correct just as long as it would still look the same as i had nothing but problems with REX essential and overdrive and i am a bit hesitant to spend more money just to get the same headache. Thanks for your help.
  2. Will it screw up fsx with missing textures and stuff ? Been a while since i frigged around with it and cant remember. I never could get this program to run correctly...Its all over the place . Some times it seems to work and other times it dont load the weather a real pain in the ass to install .
  3. No way i will do it again a take a screenshot for you to look at and then you can tell me .If not then fsx weather is pretty damn good too.
  4. I just picked major thunderstorm under weather themes with only fsx running,no REX started whatsoever and i still getting the REX weather injected anyway?Whats going on?Dont get me wrong i like it but its not supposed to happen is it?
  5. I think i just need the name of the file above the one i mentioned in my last post as i have the content saved that was in it.Idont have skype sorry.I have sent you a pm with my email address.
  6. I deleted a file trying to use a new rain effect for fsx.It was located here under program files x86/Microsft Games/Microsoft Flight simulator X/ShadersHLSL/mIsc........i need the file name above the Rain40.fxh.Thank you
  7. Kees after fiddleing around a bit it seems the textures are installing and the weather is working at least half the time.I leave it at that for now.Thanks
  8. Another one.....................ERROR TRAPING FOR REX ESSENTIAL Class Location: frmWxEngine.loadWSWeather Error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
  9. Another one.....ERROR TRAPING FOR REX ESSENTIAL Class Location: frmWxEngine.checkLocation Error: Error creating window handle.
  10. Okay before even using it once I checked the errorlog while installing my theme and have these 2 errors.....ERROR TRAPING FOR REX ESSENTIAL Class Location: ucThemeRunway.loadAshTaxi Error: C:\REX Essentials\Images\Runways\asphalt_taxiways\04\04-Screen_Apshalt_Taxiway.jpg ERROR TRAPING FOR REX ESSENTIAL Class Location: ucThemeRunway.loadAshTaxi Error: C:\REX Essentials\Images\Runways\asphalt_taxiways\04\04-Screen_Apshalt_Taxiway.jpg
  11. Here is what I do.......uninstalled REX plus and REX od in program files under control panel......delete anything REX related ......run ccleaner....reboot pc.Then reinstall REX essential to c drive.....reinstall REX essential od to same folder.Run program.
  12. When I say it dies it just wont load weather and or themes.I had it installed on c drive ,not in program files................c;\REX essential plus.Uninstalling and reinstalling again.
  13. Not working themes and weather not loading. Ran the repair tool also,and no errors yet in the errorlog. I can see the green bar downloading weather in wx and it says in fsx that the weather was loaded successfully but it I just get bare sky.as a matter of fact it will remove the default weather when trying to load REX weather.In my firewall I see no REX in there should it be?Seems like everytime I reinstall it ,it will work for a few minutes and the dies.I don't know if after the reinstall I play for a while then shutdown,after I restart later it seems not to work.
  14. Kees I did what you said and am about to try again.Thanks for not shunning me.Will post .
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