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  1. Here i go again. Now i remeber why i left fsx in the first place. Got REX essential plus installed but cant download the service pack? If i buy REX 4 do i need the service pack?
  2. Some of you might remember me....funnelpond is the name. Anyway i am ready to hop back in the pilots seat and i need my order number and stuff as i dont even remember where i bought REX? Also is the REX 4 a free upgrade to existing customers? Thanks
  3. I cant take screenshots in fsx with evga precision x 3.0.4,Well i can put they all come out black.Tried on another game and it works.Any fix ?Thanks
  4. I deleted a file trying to use a new rain effect for fsx.It was located here under program files x86/Microsft Games/Microsoft Flight simulator X/ShadersHLSL/mIsc........i need the file name above the Rain40.fxh.Thank you
  5. Is there a overload or something wrong on my end?
  6. No Problem Only for the little incident I had all is working great.
  7. Yes it seems to be a bit smoother. I also changed NVidia settings for antroscopic filtering to app controlled and it looks better now than it ever did.also I don't think the uiautocore thing will be a problem on windows 8 because I have logged in a few hours with no crash and warning about it where as on windows 7 it will happen in the first hour.Also I must say its running the best it ever has for me in all the years I own it and it seems like the sparkling water setting from REX is also working with dx10 finally.
  8. I will thanks ,But as this is a new os I hope I don't have to chop it up again to play fsx. Last night after my post I loaded up a flight with REX and all worked great, Off to try again,will post if I have any probs.Ok just completed another hour long flight with no problems.
  9. Fresh........................Ok just tried to play again and getting ctd with REX,tried with just fsx and it does not crash.Runs excellent though.Off for more testing.Also looked around in the windows folder under system 32 and the uiautocore dll are there still ,so I don't know if that's causing the crash as I get no explanation when it does crash.
  10. Using windows 8 64bit with essential and dx 10 and so far no problems.
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