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  1. That is possible, thanks. But that will happen tomorrow, in Finland we go sleep now😉
  2. I tried with EF active and SF off, but problem is still there, no effect. Markus
  3. Hi, I'm having stutter (a short pause) every one second. This is while taxiing and airborne. I have played with different texture resolutions, but the issue remains (I have performance mode selected in skyforce. EV is in auto mode. I have P3d v4.5 and sky force 3d. I use Orbx all global addons. Problem disappears after I close EV. Any idea? My specs : i7 4770K, 16GB, 1 TB SSD, GTX1080
  4. ... and after testing seems to work. I have a Matrox tripplehead. Maybe its resolution with classic mode together dodn't work.
  5. Hi, I'm using win7 64 home premium and now it is back in basic mode.
  6. Hi, here is my screenshot. I hope this helps. Yours, Markus
  7. Hello, I'm having a problem with rex4direct. I managed to install. UAC is off. I start program as an adminstrator. I changed the resolution so I could see the texture menu. I chose the configuration page and I see REX found my FSX path, but the activation point/dot is not selected. (black dot). Also I cannot select anything in this page, except typing text. Then I selected some REX textures, and I got message that textures are installed and REX launches FSX. But unfortunately nothing was changed in FSX. I also noticed that I'm having occasionally mouse movement freeze. Is there something messing up my desktop after rex4 install. Maybe I uninstall rex4 and see. Order number : 1096908 / Simmarket
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