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  1. kilby

    Well done on the release.

    Yes i thought i had got it all down, took a while but unzipped and for some reason only part had downloaded. But no worries still big thanks for this! Will wait for a few days until is settles down. Good to know so many people are enjoying quality addons and are wanting more. Take it easy Cheers
  2. kilby

    Well done on the release.

    Yes cheers for the release!
  3. kilby

    REX Studios WOW!

    +1 excellent service
  4. kilby

    Support Verification

    Hi i hope someone can help i have tried to verify my order number for fsx REX version(see sig below). But since i brought the product from flightsim store i have changed my email address at flightsim store and at REX forums. Will you need my old email address from my original order which was in 2010-08-14. Thankyou