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  1. Hi, I needed to uninstall REX Dirrect HD(which went fine), But I now try to install it again to a new location (:D) but it fails after 4 minutes with error message below, please advise. ERROR MESSAGE: INSTALL FILES: I do this before I starting installing: - make a "clean" new reboot pc, then start installer right after - turn off antivirus - rigth click and run in installer "as administrator" - using latest Netframe 4.5 . - downloaded the file "REX4TextureDirectSP5.zip" serveral times from flightsimstore. - downloaded file above are checksum severral times, numbers match fine - extcated with winrar and also tryed winzip. Brgds Søren
  2. Hi, I buy both Direct and Soft cloud as individual sw, my question can I download and install the package that Contain both REX Direct / Soft Cloud ? or do I still have to install as individuals software? Brgds Søren
  3. Hi, This is actually a question I would like to be answered before I buy the product, please To clarify: I have not purchased the product yet, because I want to know if DX10 must be enabled (see above) for FSX to be able to use the DX10(and dx11) functionality in this product. As you can see from my signature, I have buyed serveral products from you and are very pleased with them :-) (has downloaded your manual for rex4, but cannot see this is meantion there, or its not so clear for me sorry.) Please advice, friendly greeting Søren
  4. Hi, If I want to use DX10 Water/ Wave Animation(REX4), do "Preview DirectX10" option needed to be enable in FSX ? Rgd Søren
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