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  1. I use all but FS Global X 2008. Order I installed is below. FSX FSX SP1 FSX sp2 Ultimate Terrain for roads, rivers, etc. utfaxusa 1.2.0b utfsxcan 1.0.0 utalaska 1.0.0 Ultimate Terrain X USA- Version 1.4.0 Ultimate Terrain X Canada- Version 1.2.0 Ultimate Alaska X- Version 1.1.0 Railyard Fix http://www.simforums.com/Forums/topic33531.html Ground Environment for textures Ground Environment X North America Version 1.09 GEXNA-1092 Real Enviroment Extream 2.0 REXFSX_SP3_20100310_to_20100611.exe REX_OverDrive_FSX_1.0.exe rexfsx_overdrive_hotfix1.exe FSUIPC UT2 UT2_SP2 UT2_PowerPack_Setup Aircraft Payware Tweaks to FSX.CFG Hope it helps.
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