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  1. Looks like the new year is going to start off great!
  2. It's gonna be a long night!
  3. Started on a IBM PCJr. It was a whopping 4.77MHz and 128KB memory! Man have we come a long way since then.
  4. I can see Meigs Field in RGB mode!
  5. Understand totally the toll holidays and family have on you . Had to take leave myself from work to get the home front taken care of. Thanks for the update and looking forward to it!
  6. Maybe the server traffic will be light for us west coasters!
  7. West coast here! Thanks for the persistence!
  8. I use all but FS Global X 2008. Order I installed is below. FSX FSX SP1 FSX sp2 Ultimate Terrain for roads, rivers, etc. utfaxusa 1.2.0b utfsxcan 1.0.0 utalaska 1.0.0 Ultimate Terrain X USA- Version 1.4.0 Ultimate Terrain X Canada- Version 1.2.0 Ultimate Alaska X- Version 1.1.0 Railyard Fix http://www.simforums.com/Forums/topic33531.html Ground Environment for textures Ground Environment X North America Version 1.09 GEXNA-1092 Real Enviroment Extream 2.0 REXFSX_SP3_20100310_to_20100611.exe REX_OverDrive_FSX_1.0.exe rexfsx_overdrive_hotfix1.exe FSUIPC UT2 UT2_SP2 UT2_PowerPack_Setup Aircraft Payware Tweaks to FSX.CFG Hope it helps.