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  1. WOW! Whole new atmosphere. Congrats on the fix. Automation mode is now truly AUTO with no HDR issues. PANC to PAFA flight was breathtaking. Thanks.
  2. No update notification here either.
  3. Maybe the question was a little vague and I know how to save (i did read the manual 😀). Is there a way for those I saved, to be what is loaded without having to go through the UI and be my preset default? If not it would be a nice feature for a future build. Thanks... and thanks also for making the flight sim experience better and better with all the REX programs past and present.
  4. Is it possible for the variables in the mini-gui, that can be saved, have those saved variables be automatically loaded during startup? I adjusted the ExposureKey but when I reload everything on the next flight, I have to reload the saved variable to get my tweaks back. Thanks.
  5. Running Active Sky, SF and now EF in auto mode. I don't use any shader programs but I do have HDR turned on but set low. No issues here using P3Dv4.4 Client and 4.5 content. Thanks!
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