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  1. Oh my God! So simple! Didn't think once at that! Thank you.
  2. Hi folks! Everyone has used the "weather texture" option in REX 4 or Essential. The option, after downloading weather data from server, allows REX to select the "textures which best represent those weather conditions". Now the thing is amazing... if... it doesn't change (randomly?) all the other textures you patiently found were the best to fit to your skies, airport runways, taxiways, light effects, etc. Here is the question: is there a way to use the "WX texture" features allowing REX to change ONLY the cloud texture and sky colours?
  3. You're right! Didn't read carefully. Thanks!
  4. Hello everybody! Always wanted to make this question: I don't understand the "Terrain Bumpmaps" in the "Airports" section of the REX 4 TD User Interface. What should happen if I select a "concrete" texture or a "grass" texture? Can I apply terrain bumpmaps BOTH at concrete AND grass? How? Thank you in advance for any clarification.
  5. This has nothing to do with the scenery library, aero overwrites REX files in this regard. Yes! That's ok! I'm glad that now I know both the cause and the solution!
  6. REX Support can you hear me??? Is there anybody there??? While waiting your contribution I can add something I discovered in the last minutes. My REX (ESS+OD) installation was followed by Orbx PNW scenery installation. Now, I found out that my runway textures do not load correctly at higher-that-default resolution (neither does the correct theme) even if my config file has Texture_Max_Load set to 4096. I then tried to change "Runway 18" Textures via ftx AERO utility. Suddently my runway textures were there! Obviously at a 2048x2048 pixel resolution (as stated in the ftx aero option). Now a couple of questions! 1. Does Orbx PNW scenery installation affected the REX textures due to priority in the scenery library loading??? 2. If this is true, how can I change the library settings in order to have REX Runway textures OVER--> Orbs textures OVER --> Default FSX texture? 3. Once again, does REX Essential OVERDRIVE provide runway textures at 4096x4096 pixel resolution??? Or just at 2048x2048 (which is good but not so good). PLEASE ANSWER!!!
  7. I'm sorry to bother REX support another time, but I waited very much the release of OverDrive expansion to resolve my unresolved issue on runway texture resolution. As you can read here; http://www.realenvir...__fromsearch__1 while all other REX textures are loaded and shown in high resolution runway don't! 1. my fsx.cfg file has TEXTURE_MAX_LOAD=4096 (and I check this every time I start FSX). 2. I tried different REX runway textures 3. taxiways show correctly on high resolution but runway won't 4. I usually take off from LIRF airport (Roma) and, as you can see from the last screenshot, the runway texture is not even REX's but the default one! In the previous post support told me that due to different algorithms, the runway texture would show in higher resolution only after REX essential plus overdrive release. But for me this is not true. And now I'm sure that even before, what I was looking at, where low resolution textures... always! Here are some other shots: As you can see, the difference between taxiways and runways is very clear! I've read on other post that the issue can be related to graphic and graphic card settings (I think my HW has the sufficient power to run well FSX+REX-OD!) If this is true, your hints will be really appreciated! Thanks to all.
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