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  1. Hello, It is recommanded to uncheck the "enable weather smoothing & real-time weather data read" options in automatic mode if using Active Sky weather engine. Then, how does EF can adjust rendering if not reading weather data Thanks Eric
  2. Strange, i never saw this previously...
  3. Experienced few above issues (squared clouds areas) on 2hrs flights way then back from Lyon to Casablanca this morning. Indeed weather transitions weren't very smooth as well ! Then, I closed and restarted AS, REX EF and P3D with advised settings for a 1hr flight to Brussel... unfortunately issue persist :
  4. Yes, i am using ACTIVE SKY. see attached files. rexenvforce.exe backuplogfsxse.txt backuplogfsx.txt backuplogp3d4.txt backuplogp3d3.txt
  5. I'm in automation mode.
  6. Dear REX team, I'd like to bring a surprizing effect since REX EF install : I have now squared cloud areas coverage which didn't happen previously while using "only" ACTIVE SKY : see picture. Do you have any recommandation please ? Thank you
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