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  1. @rstough good day to all, do we still need SF 3D with EF? if YES, what for? if no, is it still going to be offered for sale with the availability of EF?
  2. Maybe I did not express my self very well, thanks for the advice, I did see that video several times and what I came up with is this, making those clouds move according to wind direction/speed should be part of SF 3D as it has the weather engine and cloud structure/creator already, EF to me is an upgrade (added missing element) to SF 3D to make it more alive and no need for another stand alone software to do that. never the less, I like it (and it's a must for me) and I will get it as soon as it's released, I just love the work these guys are doing. keep it up REX.
  3. Up to this moment I still can't see/understand the difference between SF 3D and EF, they both have/handle clouds, sky colors/tones. weather system, and I don't know what else (live shader handling maybe?). how ever I'm waiting eagerly for the release to try it out my self and see the difference. my best wishes to you for a successful release.
  4. Would you please add me to the verified list Order Number: FSS0168001 Order Date: 2012-05-28
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