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  1. Greeting to all, I'm using EF latest version in auto mode with no other shader tool, noticed that when it's cloudy the airplane looks darker (under shadow) than the rest of airport ground equipment. is it normal?
  2. for info, i removed REX TD, restarted computer, reinstalled REX TD using (run as admin), problem still the same.
  3. it is in a separate hard drive from flight sim.
  4. Windows 10 Pro 64bit Note: I did run TD as admin with no help. shall I re-run the installation as admin?
  5. REX - REX 4 | Texture Direct HD Order Number: FSS0252892 The FlightSim Store: REX Game Studios Licenses
  6. good day, downloaded latest version from The FlightSim Store with following name "rextd_sp6_hotfix5_20170725" installed with no issue, trying to install texture for P3D V4 but it will not advance beyond configuration/settings selection pages with following red warning message; any suggestion? for info; I do not have another flight sim installed to try it there.
  7. thanks for your reply, but I re installed REX (after a clean windows installation) the other day with out making a backup of the original configuration file and I had no clue that it will contain the key as well (my bad). I think I need a key and sorry for the trouble. best regards.
  8. hello I have a p3d license but it was entered automatically during my initial purchase I have no record of P3D except for the Invoice Number: 13906-INVPAY and Customer ID: 13906-PAY, can some one please send me the activation key? Thanks.
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