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  1. Hi to all folks, and happy new year! could someone better explain the integration between Sky Force 3D and PTA? I did not understand if the coupled Sky Force 3D with PTA also needs Reshade and URP to be installed together at the same time. I tried to read most of the documentation available but I could not find an answer. I own REX 4 Texture Direct and Soft cloud and would purchase Sky Force 3D but don't have PTA/Reshade/URP. I'am a bit confused and need some clarification from users that have it. Thanks a lot in advance, Ric
  2. No, I did't note any fps drops till now, consider I don't see any echoes on my radar (maybe an issue?), even if test works fine but get MV_WX.DLL error. And what about AIRAC integration?
  3. Hi guys, those are my order number: REX FSX #FSS0138621 Date: 2011-12-03 REX-MILVIZ WX Advantage Radar #ERKQFBJXO Date 2016-05-10 Riccardo
  4. Hi forum, I bought today WX Advantage to use it with my PMDG MD11. I'd like to suggest those items for a future update: - network installation for using it on a second pc (to avoid frame drops and have a better and costant visibility) - AIRAC implementation to load the same aircraft route on the gauge What users and dev think? Regards, Ric
  5. Post for verification to upgrade: Order #FSS0138621 Thanks
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