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  1. Hi guys I solved the matter. Maybe the install failed to install the correct [windowXX] on MD11 panel.cfg so I followed this way. 1) install radar on a different aircraft 2) copy the last inserted string WindowsXX = WX Advantage Radar gauge and its relative [windowXX] at the end of panle.cfg 3) past manually into MD11 panel.cfg changing number according with others windows. Works perfectly! i don't know why the automatic installer fails, tried several times with no success. Now what I'd need would be a shortcut to recall radar and AIRAC support to see the route on radar. thanks so much, ric
  2. I've tried to comment out some First Officer windows in panel.cfg, thinking an out of limit in windows number, but didn't work. If I install WX Radar as last addon it works but get in conflit with FS2crew and doesn't work If I Install before WX Radar and then FS2Crew, this one works but there is no more chanche to recall WX Radar from views-->instrument panel (no item shown at all).
  3. Yes, I immagine. But this is a clear conflict between two addons.
  4. Do you mean this is a known issue or a WIP?
  5. Hi guys, I installed successfully WX Radar, but I've noted that it completely drops FS2Crew (screen don't appear any more when you click on MD11 PFD/ND displays) and even if you go through FSX menu-->views-->intrument panel and try to recall FS2Crew window it doesn't work any more. So I thought it was a panel coniguration problem. Uninstall WX Radar and FS2Crew, and then reinstall in this order: 1) wx radar and 2) fs2crew Now FS2Crew works perfectly but radar is not avalable any more via FSX menu-->views-->intrument panel I think this could be a conflict in panel.cfg entry and you have to install wx radar manually. Any ideas or help? Thanks so much, Riccardo
  6. I'd like to integrate 2D WX Radar with MD11 VC, I know that only devs have the know-how to do it. So alternativley can I display 2D WX Radar with a key shortcut? or make a clickable part on VC to recall WX radar?
  7. Hi guys just installed now on PMDG MD11. I'm using FSX:SE and I got the same error "MV_WX.dll incompatible with simulator" after load up the aircraft. Apparently the gauge seems to work (at least test works fine), attached here a screenshot. In this situation I don't have any echoes (think it's normal due to ASN weather); so why I got that error above?
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