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      NEED HELP? PLEASE READ FIRST!   08/08/2017


      If you are having issues we ask that your review this document before you post within our support forum. This will help us to answer all questions/issues more effectively and rapidly.



      To receive support and gain full access, you must become a VERIFIED member. In order to accomplish this, you must post your REX order number and where you purchased REX into the following thread: http://www.realenvironmentxtreme.com/forums/index.php?/topic/36479-support-verification/&page=1

      You will not receive support until you are a VERIFIED member.

      The verification topic is ONLY for verification purposes, so please don't add comments, support requests or reposts for verification, as they will be deleted immediately and without reply.

      ALWAYS INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION BELOW, PLACED INTO YOUR SIGNATURE. (Only those with the following criteria will be supplied with support first.) Operating system and version (32bit or 64bit) RAM memory size Video card and memory size Overclocking? Total hard drive space Using REX in a network or not Which version of Flight Simulator installed (including service packs) Internet connection active or not Which antivirus software running Whether or not firewall running Whether or not you are utilizing FSUIPC If there are any error logs in the REX/ErrorLogs folder, make certain to include in your post Is UAC turned OFF in Windows Where is REX installed Where is FSX installed Do you start REX by RIGHT CLICKING the exe file and selecting RUN AS ADMIN EACH time? What is your RATE AT WHICH WEATHER CHANGES OVER TIME set to in FS? Did you use a flightplan from REX when experiencing the error(s)? Did you make changes to the CONFIGURATION screen or are ALL the settings stock?   PLEASE READ THE MANUAL. (We have found many of the issues on the support forum can be answered if the user reads the manual. We ask that you PLEASE take a few moments to review the manual before contacting support. If the manual does not help you resolve your issue, feel welcomed to add a support topic.)


      BE SURE YOU INSTALL THE FULL VERSION OF YOUR REX PRODUCT OUTSIDE OF THE PROGRAM FILES/PROGRAM FILES (X86) FOLDER. (If you do this you will not be required to install REX as administrator.)

      IT IS RECOMMENDED THAT YOU HAVE FSX / FS2004 / OR PREPAR3D INSTALLED OUTSIDE OF YOUR PROGRAM FILES/PROGRAM FILES (X86) FOLDERS. (We have found on some newer operating systems that you may need to run REX and/or your flight simulator as Administrator to make things operate correctly. We strongly recommend you re-install your flight simulator software outside of the Program Files location.)


      PLEASE VERIFY YOU ARE INSTALLING THE PROPER UPGRADE BEFORE INSTALLING IT. (Please verify your current build by going to the ABOUT window in your REX product.)


      PLEASE FOLLOW THE UPGRADE PROCEDURES TO THE MARK. (Over half of the support issues lately in the forums have been caused by user error in regards to installing incorrectly. This can be a major cause for failure if the upgrade is not follow specifically.)


      MAKE SURE YOU HAVE TURNED OFF UAC (User Account Control) WITHIN YOUR OPERATING SYSTEM. (We have found this can prevent many REX processes from running properly.)

      MAKE SURE YOUR REX PRODUCT HAS INBOUND/OUTBOUND RIGHTS IN YOUR FIREWALL SOFTWARE. (REX products require the internet to operate. It is possible some firewall software may prevent REX from communicating with the internet.)

      MAKE SURE THAT REX HAS EXCLUSION RIGHTS IN YOUR ANTIVIRUS SOFTWARE. (Some REX products are required to run .bat functions to convert images. These .bat files can often be construed by Antivirus software as malicious. If REX has not been given exclusion rights, then REX will be prevented from operating properly.)

      OVERCLOCKING YOUR SYSTEM. (We have often found that systems are overstressed by overclocking incorrectly. We have found that this can cause issues with REX operating properly with your flight simulator.)

      MAKE SURE FILE BACKUP SOFTWARE IS NOT OPERATING WHILE YOU ARE USING REX. (We have found some backup file software can lock files and cause REX to fail while operating. Please be sure that process is not operating while you are using REX.)

      MAKE SURE YOU HAVE SET THE SIMULATION FOLDER CORRECTLY. (This means that in some versions of REX you need to browse to the main folder where the main simulator executable is locations such as: fsx.exe.)


      MAKE SURE YOU BACK UP YOUR TEXTURES BEFORE YOU UNINSTALL AND REINSTALL REX. (Some REX products backup your textures before they change them. These back files can be found under the parent folder of where the REX product is installed in the THEMES/BACKUP/INITIAL BACKUP folder.)

      MAKE SURE YOU CREATE A CONFIGURATION SETTINGS BACKUP ACCOUNT BEFORE YOU UNINSTALL. (Some REX products offer the ability to back up your configuration settings. If you have already created an account, you do not need to create another one OR you may lose access to some of your profiles.)

      AFTER UNINSTALLING REX PLEASE RUN CCLEANER TO CORRECT ANY REGISTRY ITEMS. (Just like your hard drive, your registry can become fragmented. We strongly recommend CCLEANER to correct any registry issues you may have. Registry issues can cause software to not operate properly.)

      MAKE SURE THAT YOU RUN A SYSTEM DEFRAG AFTER YOU RE-INSTALL REX. (Because some REX products are so large, it can cause your hard drive to become fragmented. We strongly recommend that your immediately run a system defrag after you re-install.)

      NEVER PIGGYBACK ON OTHER SUPPORT TOPICS. (If you do your post will be removed. Piggybacking makes it extremely difficult to give support to the original poster.)

      DO NOT KEEP BUMPING YOUR POST SO THAT YOUR POST IS AHEAD OF EVERYONE ELSE. (If you do this you will be immediately banned. Our team is dedicated to answering everyone within a timely manner.)

      ONLY INCLUDE ITEMS FOR SUPPORT AND NOT PERSONAL OPINIONS OR SUGGESTIONS. (Your thoughts and suggestions ARE IMPORTANT TO US. However, we have an area for personal opinions and suggestions. This inhibits us to getting to you and others effectively. Support items that include suggestions and opinions will be removed.)


      PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE REX GAME STUDIOS 800 # FOR SUPPORT. (Our company phone # is NOT a support hotline and not to be used for support.)

      PLEASE DO NOT USE PM’S FOR SUPPORT. (If you use our PM’s for support you will be told to use the support forum.)

      PLEASE BE SPECIFIC AND PRECISE ABOUT YOUR SUPPORT ITEM. (Although we understand details about a problem might be necessary at times, we ask that you try to keep it as specific as possible and not wordy. This is to your benefit in that we can promptly get to the issue.)

      IF ASKED TO EMAIL US DIRECTLY, PLEASE PROVIDE A LINK TO THE ORIGINAL SUPPORT TOPIC IN THE EMAIL. (This allows us to keep the topic updated with activity and to go back and resolve an issue.)


      ALL SUPPORT ITEMS THAT HAVE NOT HAD A RESPONSE FROM A CUSTOM WITHIN 10 DAYS WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY SET TO RESOLVED AND CLOSED. (If for some reason you are not able to respond to our post within the allotted time, please PM us with a link of the post and we will re-open it.)

      BEFORE YOU ASK FOR SUPPORT WE ASK THAT YOU FIRST READ/REVIEW THE USER MANUAL. (Many of the support items asked in our forum can be easily answered by a simple review of the manual. If you ask a question in support that we know can be answered within the manual, do not be surprise OR offended if we direct you back to the manual.)

      WEATHER RELATED QUESTIONS MUST BE SUPPORTED WITH METAR DATA WITH DATE/TIME/LOCATION (ICAO). (It is impossible to answer weather related questions without the details. With the date, time, and location we can review our database to see what was being provided.)

      REMEMBER THIS IS A SIMULATOR AND NOT REAL LIFE. (There are MANY factors that could affect what you see within your flight simming experience that are out of our control. We are dependent upon 3rdparties to provide weather data. That data can sometimes be delayed or late. We have no control these other operations. Complaints about this will be immediately removed.)
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      The update for REX 4 Texture Direct w/Soft Clouds has been released. You can download through your application or manually via the link below: PLEASE NOTE:  The full version of REX 4 Texture Direct with Soft Clouds - Enhanced Edition has not be released yet and will be available in stores around Tuesday.  The Soft Clouds integration will also be released on Tuesday.


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  1. Hi Rstough, Thanks for your response, much appreciated. I didn't even know about Sky Force 3D but just watched a youtube video of it and very impressive indeed !!!! Any idea how long after launch of Prepar3D V4 when REX Texture Direct / Soft Clouds and REX Worldwide airports will be available and will owners of these products have to upgrade and pay for new versions to be compatible or will there be patch upgrades to be compatible with the new Prepar3D V4. Cheers, Chris
  2. Hello REX, As I have had some recent time away from Flight Sim or should I say Prepar3D recently, I have only recently come back into Prepar3D again and I hear about an imminent release of Prepar3D V4. Based on your posting here, can I loosely and I would say correctly assume that on day 1 of Prepar3D V4 that any REX product for example as in REX Essentials Plus Overdrive, Texture Direct/Soft Clouds bundle, Texture Direct and Worldwide Airports HD won't work with Prepar3D V4 but that as per your posting, you will perhaps look to work with the developers and maintain a working relationship and that perhaps sometime after the launch of Prepar3D V4 the products as I mentioned might become available and compatible. Cheers, Chris
  3. Thanks for the response guys, much appreciated. Cheers, Chris
  4. Hi Guys, I have purchased both of these fabulous products recently and I vaguely remember someone in another thread telling me that some combine textures from both REX Essentials with Overdrive and REX 4 Textures Direct with soft clouds. Can anyone tell me how to or if you can use some settings from both and if so how you go about it as when you are in one product when you get to the end it asks if you want to fly now or do you finish loading your textures from one of them then switch to the other then opnce those textures are loaded, do you then click fly now ? Any assistance is appreciated. Cheers, Chris
  5. hi gets, Where does it give me that option, is it like right at the end where you pay or something ? as when I was goping to purchase earlier, it was asking for my address and stuff and I just assumed that they would be mailed. Cheers, Chris
  6. Hi Guys, Very quick query today. When you purchase something from the REX store, do you get the option to download it rathen than have it delivered by mail ? . I am about to purchase some products and just want to make sure that you can download them, rather than have them delivered by mail. Cheers, Chris
  7. Thanks again mate..The 4 year old was sitting up on my lap and he can now with his favourite airplane as in Jetstar use the throttle and take off but then being only 4 he is not sure what to do next and ask's daddy to take over but he`s working on it. Cheers, Chris
  8. Hi Guys, Problem solved so let`s sing Hella Lu Ya... After so many trials and tribulations and many many WTF's and this is BS that I care to remember, I now have a fully fledged Jetstar repaint in my arsenal under the TOM A330-200 model.. After weeks of trying to work this out, I realised where I was going wrong this morning after all this time. When I was going to the aircraft.cfg file, what I was doing as I have Vista 64 bit is go to the aircraft.cfg file and was double clicking on it and it was bringing up some media info screen and I was doing the copying and pasting into the front screen there and saving text thinking I was doing it right well how wrong was I. After reading the post by Guitarman ( You rock bloke and if you are ever in Brisbane I will buy you a beer and you can bring your guitar and we can sing Koom By Yar My Lord together ) I went tothe aircraft.cfg file and right clicked and opened with wordpad and I was thinking WTF, what is this screen, this is all the writing I have been looking for so I did the paste and renamed flightsim.x withthe next number in the repaint sequence and BANG! there was my plane. Many Many thanks to everyone who gave me advice,hints tips you name it over the last 2 weeks, much appreciated. Cheers, Chris
  9. Hello Fellow Flight Simmers, After several days of uncertainty casue my FSX decided to chuck a wobbly and not work all because I put Disk 1 in for a repair and then fsx not starting up, I have received some great assistance in getting things back going again. This all originally started when I was desperately trying to find an already done Jetstar model plane but then went down the path of repaints well all hell broke loose.. Anyways, I have just downloaded a few Jetstar repaint files and do you reckon I have any clue on how to get them to transfer onto either the default FSX A321 or TOM A330-200, well i have no clue depsite following the instructions pretty good I thought....:-( I am a noob at this repaint thing guys and I have a 4 year old boy who just loves the Jetstar plane for some reason and I really want to get this up and running. I have downloaded repaints for the following models : Jetstar registered VH-VQI and VH-CBD Airbus A320 paint schemes and the instructions go as follows : INSTALLATION: Simply unzip this file into your Flight Simulator X directory, and make sure "use folder names" is ticked/checked. Then open the Flight Simulator X\SimObjects\Airplanes\Airbus_A321\aircraft.cfg file and add the following text. (Be sure to replace the "X" in [fltsim.X] to match the next consecutive fltsim.n number in your own aircraft.cfg file. If this is the first reapint you've added to the default A321, the required numbers will be 4 and 5. If you haven't added any repaints to the default A321 or made any changes to the aircraft.cfg file, feel free to use the aircraft.cfg file included in this archive. //-------------------------------------------------------------------------- [fltsim.X] title=Airbus A321 Jetstar sim=Airbus_A321 model= panel= sound= texture=JetStar_VQI kb_checklists=AirbusA321_check kb_reference=AirbusA321_ref atc_id=VH-VQI atc_airline=JetStar atc_flight_number= ui_manufacturer="Airbus" ui_type="A321" ui_variation="Jetstar" ui_typerole="Commercial Airliner" ui_createdby="Australian Simulation" description="Jetstar is an Australian buget airline that flies mainly domestic routes between major cities, and also a single international route to New Zealand." [fltsim.X] title=Airbus A321 Jetstar CBD sim=Airbus_A321 model= panel= sound= texture=JetStar_CBD kb_checklists=AirbusA321_check kb_reference=AirbusA321_ref atc_id=VH-CBD atc_airline=JetStar atc_flight_number= ui_manufacturer="Airbus" ui_type="A321" ui_variation="Jetstar" ui_typerole="Commercial Airliner" ui_createdby="Australian Simulation" description="Jetstar is an Australian buget airline that flies mainly domestic routes between major cities, and also a single international route to New Zealand." I am practically on my hands and knees begging anyone to help me or give me english instructions to this noob at repaints so that I can get a Jetstar model plane up and going. Please someone help and I will be forever in debt and if anyone knows of a link to directly download a Jetstar model plane for FSX, I will call you GOD for life. Cheers, Chris
  10. Hi Jets, Thanks for your reply mate but a lot of the sites well pretty much all of them I go to only have re-paints for Jetstar and I can`t find an actual jetstar model plane to download. If you know of any site or sites I am all ears. Cheers, Chris
  11. Hello Fellow Flight Simmers, Please forgive the first part of the subject heading, it is my small attempt at humour.....:-) O.K., here's the deal.. I am DESPERATELY trying to find a Jetstar model plane that I can download for FSX. My 4 year old boy is absolutely for some reason fascinated by the Orange and Silver Colours of the plane and after a recent trip up North to Rockhampton I was able to get him into the cockpit once the plane had landed and get his photo taken with the Pilot which the photo takes pride of place framed on his wall. Poor old Daddy (Me) has just spent the good part of the last 4 hours searching the NET to no avail in finding a Jetstar model plane to download. I couldn`t even find a site where I could actually order the plane on CD if it even came to that. Anyways, my 4 year old is devestated and I mean devestated and he won`t talk to me until I find him this plane. I go to a lot of sitesd like FSdownloads and others but they all have textures and re-paints for Jetstar models but no actual Jetstar planes to download. Can anyone help a brother out and allow me to go within 5 feet of my 4 year old without being told to get away, I will be forever grateful. Cheers, Chris
  12. Hi Flight Simmers, I have previously installed REX Roads and Grass but when I then go into a game it still seems as though I have 2d models of things. How can I know for sure that I have them installe correctly and is there a way if I haven`t to delete these from my system and re-add them correctly ? I have been wanting to get proper roads at the very least for some time and thought I added the file correctly but not sure if I have....:-( Cheers, Chris
  13. I have also guys installed the REX Roads update and turned off ALL UTX features ( I ahve all four USA, Europe, Canada and Alaska) but I cant get the High Def roads look and I have a like $4.5K+ computer, I7 procesor with all the bells and whistles and the best of stuff so any help is appreciated. I have tried flying and taking off froma number of airports with roads around them but just get the plain old boring looks like FSX default roads...lol Cheers, Chris
  14. Hi Guys, I went and downloaded the Grass Texture FSX file and I followed the instructions to a tee from Timest999 : HD & standard resolution enhanced grass and environment bitmap for FSX. There are two resolutions for this file - 1024, and high definition 4096. In order to view the full 4096 resolution within FSX, you will need to edit your fsx.cfg file and alter the entry: TEXTURE_MAX_LOAD=4096 NOTE: This value resets to 1024 each time you make any adjustments in the FSX DISPLAY settings, so you'll need to reset it back to 4096 if you want the high definition version displayed. REX will automatically set this value if launching FSX from the GUI. [installation] To install, copy either the 1024 or 4096 High Definition detail1.bmp to your FSX Scenery\World\Texture folder. Please ensure you backup your original detail1.bmp file. IMPORTANT: The HD 4096 texture is recommended for high end computer systems only. If you are experiencing in-game stuttering with 4096, use the 1024 texture Now, I have done all of the above however I just went to a random airport as in Archerfield in Brisbane and I did not get that bits of spikey grass on the side of the runway or when I decided to taxi around a bit. Am I missing something here ?..Do I need to change any settings at all ??..Is this grass thing only available at certain airports ?..Can anyone tell me an airort to go to so that I can see if th grass is there ? Sorry for the mundane questions guys but any help is appreciated. Cheers, Chris