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  1. Is there a new manual to teach us how to use the new cloud sizing feature? I could not find it in my main REX folder after I did the newest update. Thanks, Jefferson
  2. please verify me. Pc Aviator Order numbers #119941, #20345 Thank you, Jefferson Moderator Edit: Hi Jefferson, we were only able to locate and verify order number 119941 from PC Aviator.
  3. The link to the web page for the download was what I meant but it is now working. All is good and I'm terribly sorry for this inconvenient posting thankfully Jefferson
  4. The link to the solution for the trojan virus topic is not working. Sorry to keep pestering the forum with this topic over and over again , i know that there's more important topics to resolve. Good day Jefferson
  5. Just curious why the weather architect is being done before weather direct? No rhyme or reason, I was just curious.
  6. Bruce, I believe it is called " get the hell out of the way" cloud formation! Well at least that's what I would be doing if I saw that coming at me. Lol
  7. I agree. When P3D gets all the bugs and kinks worked out, I will retire FSX at that time.
  8. No problem cheif...just thought i would try. LOL
  9. I'm sorry for being so impatient but my excitement for the new weather direct product is really building up ! Can we have a clue as to if we are days away or weeks away from release? Thanks, Jeff
  10. My life long dream was to be a commercial pilot but I'm legally deaf in both ears and could never pass a FAA physical to get a commercial license. Flight simming kinda lets me fullfill a lifelong dream as a virtual airline pilot. If I don't get three flights a week , I get grumpy....just ask my wife lol.
  11. Thanks for that explaination Gary. I was going bonkers trying to get my fsx to look like those videos. Perhaps a disclaimer from the video maker would have saved me hours of overtweeking...lol. but its all fun!
  12. Thanks Chik for the link! this enb does look good in the sim just the way it is naturaly. Too Bad Karmel wont share his Enb Palate with us, I think he is somewhat rude to show us a video and not reply to a simple request . Your Input on this subject is greatly appreciated Chick Happy landings, Jefferson
  13. There is a video here on our forums by Karmel and he has titled an enb as "extreme graphics". I love the look it has in his video and was wondering if anyone has a link to get that enb mod?
  14. I like the way you are thinking but if this could be done, wouldn't it had happen already?
  15. Wow! thanks for sharing this Peter. I feel very excited about the future of aviation with this discovery and glad to see Boeing leading the way!
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