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  1. Hello Again, I tried the restart as administrator and had no success so I thought I would do a complete uninstall followed with a new install to see if this problem would go away. I went through each REX item in my control panel and selected uninstall for all the various fixes/ updates. But SP3 wont uninstall, I get an error saying it cant find the path to rextexture_sp3_20140812.msi . I have searched for it all over my computer and cant not find this file. SP3 is still in my control panel even though there is not a single REX folder/ file any where on my computer? Soooo... I proceeded to install REX 4 Texture Direct from scratch,I open the program and click search for updates. All is good so far.until I get to the SP3 update and when I install it, I get this error: Some how the old SP3 is still lurking in my control panel and wont go away and is keeping me from updating my new reinstall from sp2 to sp3. This is the error from the control panel when trying to uninstall SP3 Geez, I get the strangest issues. Lol Thanks Again, Jefferson
  2. Good day, I successfully installed the new hot fix for Texture direct/ soft clouds. When scrolling through the low level cloud sets on theme creation, I have 8 pages of cloud sets to choose from with 4 sets a page. when I leave page 4 set 16 and click onto page 5 , the program closes? This has only happened after the update. Thanks Jefferson
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