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  1. Thank you for your response Federico I have uninstalled Environment Force so cannot give you screen shots of EF HDR off. I was well aware that you can turn EF enhanced HDR off or change EF HDR parameters via the mini UI. That was NOT my problem. I uninstalled EF because it "took over" my sim settings (disabled P3D internal lighting settings) even when EF is NOT started for a session. Due to an entry in programdata/dll.xml EF is actually always running. Sure a user can turn this off by manually editing the dll.xml, but I feel it is programmatically more correct, quicker (and polite) for REX to automatically switch their dlll off on exiting EF. Many users on this forum and over at Avsim are having issues related to this inability to switch off EF. I am only trying to help by suggesting REX disable EF fully on exiting the interface. Until it is confirmed that this is done I will not re-install EF. I simply do not allow any software to run uncommanded on my PC, or to make changes to files that I am not made fully aware of. Thanks Rob (Alias geolpilot on Avsim and Discord)
  2. I am afraid I am with @Nemo and others on this one. I have supported REX for many years, and enjoy Sky Force, and this post is not at all intended to denigrate REX's valiant efforts, or their very ambitious EF product, but this is my experience so far.... Initial Install went OK, but like many I did not enjoy the brightness and overdone bloom. OK could control that through the mini UI. Installed the Tech Update and was able to use Tomato shade and not get greyed-out cockpits (I want to use TS for aircraft reflections on non-PBR enabled models). Then last night I decide to try run P3D (on 4.4 client as I await LM 4.5 FPS fix), just fly and NOT test or run EF. But EF's brightness/bloom settings remained "locked in" and the P3D internal HDR sliders do nothing (/graphics/lighting, HDR on and tried set saturation to 0, which should give a monochrome view, but it stays fixed as set by EF). So restart computer and same. Try another run with EF, and last straw, mini UI is gone. So I uninstalled EF, rebooted, reset the Shaders HLSL from backup, cleared shader cache, ran P3D and happy days, could again control HDR brightness, bloom and saturation from P3D graphics/lighting UI. Closed, reinstalled Tomato Preset RD1.7 and am back to SF3D + ASP4 + TS. Along the way my GSX stopped working and in investigating that I found that an entry in ProgramData/ Lockheed Martin/ Prepar3d V4/ dll.xml referring to a REX EF module DLL had been left behind, despite the uninstall. Is it this entry that locks the EF HDR settings into P3D even when EF is NOT running?. If EF is uninstalled the REX dll referred to in this dll.xml is gone so it cannot load, and one is back to a straight P3D setup. But why, oh why not clean up the dll.xml on uninstall, and even more importantly, set the dll entry to not initialize the REX module if EF is NOT run, so users have the option to run a EF-less setup if they wish. Many agree with me in this forum and over at Avsim that Environment Force should not take control of P3D settings such that when EF is not running one is still stuck with its HDR settings. I also cannot confirm if the automated cloud morphing and lighting dynamics work if using ASP4 for the weather engine. Have not seen anything change. Admittedly one needs a very dynamic weather situation to test under. But what concerns me is that the METAR information reported in the auto EF interface when running ASP4, and with EF weather smoothing and NOAA data read OFF as advised if using ASP4, is non-sensical except for the temp/dewpoint and QNH readings at the end of the string. If this is what is reported to screen then I am seriously left wondering what values of cloud types, levels and densities are being used to model cloud morphing and lighting! Switch to read real time weather from NOAA and this METAR report makes sense. Maybe Active Sky is compatible with EF, but that does not necessarily mean it will work just as well to control auto-mode as when using REX's SF weather engine / NOAA data. Some real clarification about the EF-ASP4 interaction by REX developers would be appropriate. The lack of correct low visibility settings / fog when using ASP4 and with EF weather smoothing off (automation mode) also indicates to me that weather injected into the sim by ASP4 is not being read correctly and being used by EF to set up the correct "environment " look in the sim. Unless one toggles the fog mode to off in the mini UI (manual intervention in an automated mode!?). Maybe if one uses the SF weather engine this all works perfectly, but I have never been a fan of that weather engine because; Historical weather cannot be used I have a serious problem with REX's wind interpolation model, since REX Essential days. HiFi have this aspect (maths) spot on. So for the foreseeable future EF stays off my computer. Maybe when WeatherForce is released and I see that it is at least up to HiFi standards I will give it another try.
  3. I can confirm have exactly the same issue. At Kolkata today raining and overcast with limited visibility. Using ASP4 for weather I could only get the reduced visibility by clicking "Fog mode is off" in mini UI. If "Fog mode is manual" EF ignores the visibility setting of ASP4 in auto mode. Looks to me like "Fog mode is off" would be better named "Fog mode is Automatic" and is toggled automatically to this setting when in automation mode. I do have weather smoothing off in EF, leaving ASP4 to handle this.
  4. OK My problem has been resolved! Received a reply from FSpilotshop to my ticket, in which they mentioned a new file from REX that was larger than the original. They did not specifically say they had updated my account, but when I went to my account, it showed the file was last updated on Fri Nov 6th. Downloaded that file (new REX-125.zip) and it installed perfectly!! @ Miakrammm I suggest you revisit your FSpilotshop account and see if the file was recently updated (should have been), and you should be good to go. Report back if have success, then Tim can close this as solved. Rob
  5. I am having the exact same problem (also purchased and downloaded REX Soft Clouds from FS Pilotshop this past Tuesday). AV is off UAC is off (W10 64-bit Pro) File REX-125.zip Unzips OK as Maikramm describes (Cab file, msi and exe file in it) Added setup.exe to Windows Firewall exclusion list. Run setup.exe as Admin, flashes up for a second, closes and does nothing (checked in Control Panel, Programs and Features, nothing installed) Then do a Virus Scan (not happy that file supplied by FS Pilotshop is in fact virus free), and a virus warning pops up (a file FX.exe first time I tried, and MSIL9.ACEX Trojan second try - in my Appdata/Roaming directory) Opened a support ticket with FS Pilotshop, but 40 hours later no reply. Bit perplexed now; as REX Soft Clouds is No1 bestseller on FS Pilotshop site, so problem must be affecting only some users or they/you would be flooded with request for a fix.
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