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  1. Edward, No need to disable anything, just install the soft cloud theme you like for low level, then install the mid\high level set you prefer from REX Essentials. Glen
  2. Hi Edward, the REX edge server's are down. See the post at the top of the forum for more info and updates. Glen
  3. Michael, I agree totally:) Thanks for the nice comments. Glen
  4. Kai, Very kind word's indeed. Reed and Tim have been working their as...tails off doing their magic and they deserve every one of those kind words. The future looks bright in our little sim world. And as a very small member of the REX team I will say thanks for the kind word as well. Glen
  5. @Tom, It amazes me how more people aren't killed in these terrible things.<br /><br />My prayers go out to them.
  6. Thanks for the kind words. I hope we all have a great 2013........ A beer cheer for you, Glen
  7. Happy Birthday, bud!

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