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  1. BREAKTHROUGH (I think). So I think I discovered something. I followed an ai flight from chicago to montreal and while in flight I changed modes in Environment Force and as soon as I did that the haze went away and when I changed it back to auto the haze returned. I don't know if that was my problem but it seems a little better. The problem is now if I have the manual mode on then I loose all the benefits of auto mode. So what is the solution?
  2. 1,511 If I hit the install button it doesn't get ghosted out and always says ready to install.
  3. I thought I already had cloud models installed and I use automatic mode. Just to be sure I installed the models again and after that I still see an install option, is that the way it's supposed to be?. I would think that the button would be ghosted if I installed them already. By the way I really appreciate your help and I know that we will get this problem solved at some point.
  4. Seems worse now after disabling volumetric fog. I want to have whats in the other photo where you can see clearly down to the ground between clouds. I think it gets hazy when I reach a certain altitude. Because you can see at the highest crusing level it's much more hazier. Maybe there is a way to change at what altitude haze gets rendered?
  5. Ok, I am sharing my settings to help figure out what the problem is. I still have the haze and the skies also look a little harsh with the color lines but that could just be my computer. The haze is a bigger problem. and I just don't know what I am doing wrong.
  6. Well now I am more confused. I turned off all the haze and volumetric fog settings in skyforce. I also turned off volumetric fog inside P3D V4 and I noticed there is a REX theme option in P3D V4 weather. I have never noticed that before and it was not set to that theme. Should I select that theme?
  7. Yes, that is the default location and reviews say to not install to a different drive. Was that wrong but even still if I install to my D drive then i have 19gb on my D drive so it's the same problem but it will just be on a different drive. I am trying to save space on the computer not just P3D V4. I wish I had a better computer with more space that way it wouldn't matter.
  8. I installed the program but just installed the vehicles part. I still had 19gb taking up my C drive for no reason. That's just what I was hoping not to do so now I have uninstalled the program.
  9. Hey everyone, I have a sort of strange request. I bought REX WWA a while back but never installed it because I don't fly enough to default airports. I own REX Skyforce and REX environforce so I use those textures. I do really like the service vehicles that come with REX WWA so I am wondering is it possible to just install the service vehicles. REX WWA is also a massive size so I don't want to use all that space for a program that I don't have the full need for. Is there a way to install just the service vehicles and use only the size that those vehicles take up. I am pretty sure that I can install the full program and just select the service vehicles but does that mean that there is about 7GB just taking up space. I told you it was a weird question and I hope I explained it correctly. Thank you
  10. I have the haze rendering off but I have the volumetric fog enabled. I thought I needed the volumetric fog on because it's a feature of P3D. Should I turn that off as well? What will I loose if I turn it off? thanks
  11. So I am not complaining about the product but I do have an issue. I like to watch the AI planes flying from place to place and really enjoy the views of the ground scenery passing underneath. But even when I have clear skies there is this kind of haze that blocks the view of the ground underneath. I think this is too realistic now and I am wondering how can I see clearly down to the ground? I don't mind some tweaking even if it's not realistic for me it's better. I understand that if you have cloudy skies then you won't see the ground but when I have clear skies I expect clear skies. Thank you
  12. Same here, I still have drastic cloud changes when the weather updates. I am using the latest versions of skyforce and environment force and while the clouds are beautiful, It's annoying when they just pop up. This has been a problem since forever and it's hard to believe that it still happens. Maybe I have my settings wrong because when there are too many settings it can get confusing. Thank you
  13. I can't figure out the fog thing. My sliders don't reflect any change on the mini screen. I only use skyforce for weather so what settings should I use. I am attaching a screenshot which shows fog but it doesn't look very realistic so I know something is not correct.
  14. I am not getting severe performance issues (yet) but what I am getting is extremely long startup times for P3D. It used to take about 10 minutes to get up in running but now it takes about 25 minutes or so. Obviously I have a lot addons but it wasnt a problem before I uninstalled environment force.
  15. I'm not clear. I watched the twitch stream that showcased the manual mode and in the stream they mentioned the previous stream that talked about the automatic mode and said to watch that for more information about what automatic mode did. They mentioned that it would be linked in the chat but I never saw the link so I am trying to find that stream. It should not be this hard to find some thing that is so important to customers. I think a lot of people would benefit from watching it.
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