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  1. Hey Tim, is this update for the FS9 Soft Clouds still on the list, or was it cancelled?
  2. You are welcome Tim! Looking forward to the HD texture set!
  3. I would just like to thank you guys for still supporting us dinosaures, who are still sticking to FS2004. I purchased REX for FS9 back in 2009, after it was released and was very pleased to see, that you still release service packs for it, to improve an already awesome piece of software. I was even more suprised to see you guys releasing the Soft Clouds for FS9, since I thought that REX would be your last FS9 product. I am really looking forward to upcoming updates und upgrades, which will make this awesome experience even more intense!
  4. REX + Overdrive (SP4.1) for FS9 order # FSS0043712 (FSPilotshop) REX Soft Clouds for FS9 order # 1393671 (Simmarket)
  5. I've just seen your USB flashdrive offer and it says it uncludes REX for FSX and FS9 + Overdrive for both versions. Until now I can only find the FSX Version of Overdrive. Is the FS9 version still to be released?
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