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  1. Yes, force update in REX. OK, I understand that. But, where does the updated METAR show up then? After a few hour flight, I like to see the METAR, as I think we all do, for the arrival airport as weather does change. If there is NO ATC on VATSIM, how do we see it? Thanks.
  2. GuitarMan, No I did not do that when I reinstalled. I had deleted REX on the laptop and didn't even have it installed for a long time. Ccleaner had been run since the delet and I use Adavcne system care for the registery cleaning stuff. I did not go in and delete all the folders, I used the control panel through windows to delete. I will do a manual delete and reinstall and let you know how it does. It will be a few days though, I am working night s now and will have time thursday. Thanks for the help.
  3. Guitarman. All of the errors say: ERROR TRAPING FOR REAL ENVIRONMENT XTREME Class Location: SystemReadFSFlightPlans.getFS9NavData It seems one is issued everytime the weather metar should update in REX. They are all timed about an hour from the previous one.
  4. Hello again rstough, thnaks for trying to help me. Yes, the problem is in the flight planner. I was referring to the WASYS screen in the flight planner that shows nothing on it except a magenta line. This is after the processing of the flight plan. NO data or waypoints as the manual describes. See my above post for the error log information as it appears to be all the same message. I have had issue since the first version of REX. Before any patch. When a friend talked me into trying it again, I installed a fresh install and patched from the first to last. Thanks again for helping try to solve the problem. My guess it that the 2 are probably related somehow.
  5. Hello rstough, thanks for the reply. In looking through the METAR folder. It appeared as if the metar was updating at least every hour. But, I could not get the updated metar to show up in REX. NOw for the error folder. There are 2490 error files. Teh ones from recent flights and random clicking to see what they are as follows: ERROR TRAPING FOR REAL ENVIRONMENT XTREME Class Location: SystemReadFSFlightPlans.getFS9NavData Error: Index was outside the bounds of the array. No idea what this means. Is it ok to clear the error folder or do you need more infor from it. There are numerous files from the same dates that have the above error message in them Thanks
  6. Seems Iexplorer 9 does not like it. Different browser, no problem. Installing now. Thanks Microsoft for yet another super upgrade!
  7. Hello, yet another problem with REX. I re read the manual thinking that maybe I was missing something. In doing so, I found another problem. I have no Wasys show up in the flight planner screen on REX. Just the red line showing my flight plan. Which, I ahve to load using the FS build tab as the FS9 or FSX flight plan tab only loads direct routes. I have no wind speed or direction and no waypoints are noted. Just the line. I am updated to SP4 per the instructions here on the site. Both installs are the same way as I use this on a remote for flight use and the host for texture importing as it will not work from the remote. As I have said, REX has the best redurring of weather out there for FS9. However, all of these issues make it difficult to want to use.
  8. Hello, I just downloaded the overdrive file 3 times from the link that is provided for FS2004. During unzipping the file .......FILES.7z creates an error. Retry repeats the error. Skip creates an extraction error in the exe file. 3 separate downloads and same issue. I do like the texture rendering of REX over other products. However, REX does not work near as well as other weather programs out there. I am upgraded to SP4 by the 1027 at the end of the numbers on the About screen. Hopefully REX will fix its issues. If not, ASE is out there and works! You have to understand I am getting frustrated with my experiences with REX. I stopped using it a few months back and want to be able to use it as it is the best rendering software bar none out there.
  9. I do understand that REX in itself is not connected to FS9. I do understand that the weather engine installs the updates. The problem I have is that the metars in REX do not update when you force a weather reload. They stay the same as when you launch the program. They do not update. They should update. How am I supposed to get the updated metars then? As far as I know, the weather engine does not have a display for metars. So, where do I get it from then? Do I have to completly relaunch the REX aspect to get updated metars? Or, should I pull them from VATSPY or somewhere else? To me, it makes no sense not to be able to get updated metars when I do a weather force reload of the weather in REX. I just concluded a test. On my laptop, I loaded a flight plan yesterday. I did not look at it until now. When I do a forced reload of wx, the metars are still from 0053 on 4 26. that would be yesterday. Again, the metars do not update once you load a flight plan into REX. The weather in REX also does not update. The FP I used was from KCLE to KMCO. Yesterday there was rain in KCLE. today sunny and 74, REX still shows rain. I think this is a definate problem, don't you? The only way to get REX to update is to completely reload the whole flight plan. If REX is not in communication during a flight, where did I miss instructions on how to get updated metar information?
  10. Hello, I am using REX on a remote laptop to control my weather. I have installed the latest SP from the site. When I am doing longer flights, it seems I cannot get the METAR to update when I hit the reload WX button. REX seems to go through the motions of updating the waether but nothing on the WX log page in REX changes. This is a problem as sometimes my weather is over 4 or 10 hours old. The weather does update at regular intervals and I see the green bars etc. But, in REX no change of the METARS. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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