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  1. I had this bought via FSS some time back....fabulously they've closed and im unable to access the serial details. I posted to the REX support a good few days ago now (Monday to be precise), does it really need to take this long? Please can i get some support on my details? Thats all i need. Thanks
  2. This morning i was prompted to update to the versions supporting P3Dv3.2. All went smoothly however i now have 2 REX Texture Direct Icons and 2 REX Soft Clouds icons following the update? I know i could just delete 2 of them but lets be clear on whats happened here first eh?...
  3. Im good here. Removed all REX material and installed fresh. All updated now. Cheers
  4. I am in the process of removing all REX products and will fresh install following a reboot. I did still have Essential Plus which im pretty sure no longer gets used.
  5. I get a message saying 'Another version of the product is already installed' when trying to install step 1
  6. REX 4 Texture Direct version i see is 4.3.2014.1210, there is a prompt to update to 4.5.2015.0818 but when doing so i am faced with the modify/repair/remove options only
  7. I have checked my Flightsim Store and both order numbers are correct (REX 4 Texture Direct & Soft Clouds)
  8. Okay so to add to the list i also am having issues updating REX Direct for FSX... Opening REX gives an automatic notification to update which i have done, then upon trying to install the setup file i am given 3 options to modify, repair or remove... My current version of REX Texture Direct is 4.3.2014.2010 I also use REX Soft Clouds which seemed to update no problem, that version is 4.2.2015.2001 (My desktop icon for it says 'REX Soft Clouds SP1'?)
  9. The only weather/air environment related stuff i have is REX Direct and Soft Clouds. Everything else is FTX ORBX The system in my signature bar is what im using yes however i find my setup currently is at a safe mark before hitting OOMs using the PMDG 777 and payware airports with 50% AI.
  10. This is what i have currently and what i normally operate on settings wise
  11. Sure, sorry for the delay. Been mad busy, will upload this in a short while
  12. Does anyone else get the flat blanket of clouds 'effect' when cruising? It really looks quite unrealistic at that height and not to mention blurred. I use FSX and its something that Ive always seen but since REX specialize in the clouds and flight effects i thought id see...
  13. Is Soft Clouds free? I have REX Direct for FSX, i downloaded from the link for Soft Clouds but i see a mention of a soft clouds serial key?
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