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  1. hello im using fsx-se and have REX essential plus od build 3.8.2014.1211 and install REX soft clouds but due to myself not liking the textures i uninstalled REX soft clouds the correct way (add and remove programs)and now notice my original cloud textures in REX essential are'nt what they use to be. i did a reinstall of REX and pointed to the right fsx folder (C: program files (86)steam, steamapp,commom...etc.... selected all the relevant options and textures but just not seeing them in fsx. any suggestion please? thanks
  2. hi I'm using fsx steam addition and can seem to remember where to point REX essential + w/overdrive on the config manager page. can someone please comfirm? thx
  3. hi finally got REX 2.0 to work, however I installed the latest auto updater (1.02013.0808) and want to update my REX to 2.020100611. but when i browse to the location using updater it cant verify the product. Any suggestions or help please? thanks.
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