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  1. hehe, i hear ya. The closest i get to flying the real thing is RC cessna in a school field. GoPro applied maybe soon. one thing you should've done was put some more on the fuselage to get more outside angles. Yep, I'd like to do that, but it's actually technically illegal - both here in Australia and the US. Attaching anything to the outside of the aircraft requires design approval, so I've been holding off. I don't own the gliders, they belong to the club and I wouldn't do anything that could place the club in hot water! However, I have been talking to the experienced maintenance guys here about it and may be able to do something soon For reference... http://www.australianflying.com.au/news/casa-confirms-external-camera-ruling Cheers, Derek
  2. Wooot!! Outlanding endorsement done! Great fun, and a glorious day for it. Not bad for the middle of winter Cheers, Derek
  3. Nice capture mate, love that first pic. The 787 looks pretty awesome head-on. Cheers, Derek
  4. Yeah mate, it's the REX HD Cumulus and Natural Day sky that does it. Definitely adds to the realism
  5. Not much fun lately. Been stuck working on the opposite side of Australia from where I live for the past month or so However, got out to the club last weekend to my first non-blue soaring day, lots of Cu's to fly around. Also my first flight in a single seat glider! Looking forward to SimAir guys!! Cheers, Derek
  6. ...aaaaaaand another one [media=] Cheers, Derek
  7. Cheers Tim! Thanks for the compliment And you also Clem! The flare takes practise... I had my share of thumps onto the runway because I forgot to pull the spoilers in... Cheers, Derek
  8. G'day all, It's been a while since I posted over here, I haven't been doing much flying in FSX lately due to lots and lots of travel for work. What I have been doing in my spare time is this... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_B9ihgg6ibg I went solo last month after 6 months of monthly lessons at the Gliding Club of Western Australia, Cunderdin W.A. After going solo I bought a small action cam, an AEE SD-21, which I took up on the weekend to get some flying footage, and cut together this video to share with my friends. Let me know what you think! Cheers, Derek
  9. Not necessarily true - 2600K is 4 cores, but only runs 8 threads if Hyperthreading is enabled. Any sensible person running FSX on a 2600K would have disabled HT - it's a pointless process for FSX which only generates more heat on the die. Cheers, Derek
  10. Lot of info missing there, what other tweaks are you running in your .cfg? Nick's guide listed by Sherm above is largely outdated and almost pointlessly complex with current hardware and Win7, try looking up Kosta's guide and getting some tips from there. Just a few ideas though, based on what you've posted... your gfx cards are seriously underpowered for FSX. Don't get me wrong - they were great, 3 years ago. I used to run the same card. Lose the crossfire setup in favour of a single more powerful card... if you like AMD stick with that - I do and am happy with the image quality I get from my HD6970 (which is itself considered outdated now...). Multi-GPU setups offer little to no benefit to FSX as it was not optimised for multi-GPU rendering. What do you have your frames limited at with the external limiter? Which external limiter are you using? Lower your road traffic to 15% or so - you probably won't notice much of a difference on the roads, but rendering will be speeded up significantly as road traffic is a resource hog. Your LOD radius is too high... you're making your system work harder by increasing it. With your system I wouldn't venture beyond the default 4.5, on my system 6.5 is pushing things. Look up Bojote's Shader 3.0 tweak and use that, it helps immensely with rendering on AMD gfx cards. Turn off AA within FSX and run AA entirely via the drivers. Maxed out bars - even autogen? Drop your autogen density a bar or two. Cheers, Derek
  11. I think you may be confused about something... FXAA is a shader based post-process anti-aliasing technique, Shade is a tool for modifying the contrast level of light to shadow within FSX. They're different tools for different purposes. If, by FXAA, you're actually talking about the "SweetFX" shader package which contains an FXAA shader, then they're still different things; as SweetFX is intended as an alernative to HDR post-processing tools like the ENBseries mod. You can use FXAA (or indeed SweetFX) right alongside Shade, as I do currently (I've ditched ENB in favour of SweetFX now - much more stable, less performance hit, no crashes.) Cheers, Derek

    For decent thermal soaring in FSX, you want to head HERE and download yourself a copy of CumulusX. Cheers, Derek
  13. Right here... Cheers, Derek
  14. +1 Never been a big apple fan, I have an iPhone 4S (provided by my employer) and a couple of iPods but they're certainly nothing special - and never have been. I had a Creative Nomad Jukebox long before the first iPod was released, and I have an Android phone that my wife uses currently that absolutely kicks the snot out of my iPhone. They're clearly a very successful company with a lot of loyal followers, but I've just never gotten their whole marketing slant. And now they just seem to be relying on phoney hype to ramp up their sales on increasingly mediocre products, perhaps because they've run out of ideas? (Not that they ever had any original ones in the first place!!) Cheers, Derek
  15. Back up again now