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  1. Thanks guys just got the download links emails! Will check it out tonight when I get home. Appreciate the help with this.
  2. Creating a support post here in case it's needed, I just submitted two tickets one for REX Essentials and one for REX 4 Texture Direct as per the post in this forum above that was instructing to use the 2nd tier support. I figured that was the place to go but wasn't sure if I needed a post as well. Please let me know if I need a separate post for REX 4 in that forum. I do have a bunch of older installers from a couple years ago, but not sure if they will work or auto update themselves etc. For instance for this product I have what seems to be a base install, OD SP2, OD SP3, and SP3 hotfix 20141211.
  3. Ok thanks. Oh and you guys can go ahead and close this if you want since it sounds like things are basically working as they should as best as can be expected in this version. As I said I'll just have to remember to not shut off REX while FSX is still running.
  4. Ok thanks Reed. I'll just make sure not to accidentally shut off REX while FSX is still running. I guess I'm assuming the interpolation should be on for smoother transitions? Sometimes it's not totally clear what some of those options do (even after reading the manual first).
  5. Ok, so if I turn off the Grid interpolation I can open and close REX completely without FSX freezing. If I have the option turned on then yes FSX will freeze if REX is fully closed. I also tried initially loading with the Grid setting turned on, then turning it off and loading weather again (not closing REX in between obviously) and FSX would freeze in that scenario as well. So it's definitely something with the Grid interpolation setting. I know it's probably not a normal use to shut REX off while FSX is still in use, but I figured you guys still need to know about it since it does freeze the sim.
  6. I do. So is the freezing on closing REX indicating FSX is removing those? If so, it's taking a really long time to do so. Or is closing REX with those stations inserted just causing FSX to hard lock? I'll try a test tonight with GRIB turned off and see if the freezes still happen. As I said initially, the FSX freeze I'm talking about is if I close REX completely while FSX is running, not any stutters, freezes, or flashes that might occur while it's loading weather into the sim.
  7. There are no logs. REX itself seems to be functioning fine. It just causes FSX to totally freeze if I shut REX off while FSX is running. I don't do that very often but I'm pretty sure I have done it a few times on the previous version without having that effect. I could be wrong though. I don't know if it's still communicating via simconnect even though I've closed the radar window and gone back to the main REX screen and then closing it cuts off that simconnect connection and causes FSX to flip out or something? steps to reproduce on my machine: Start REX and FSX import flightplan into REX click "fly now" start flight in FSX wait for REX to finish loading (REX should be in Standard mode) alt-enter in FSX to go windowed mode close the REX radar window (FSX is still fine) close REX completely FSX is now frozen (listed as not responding in task manager)
  8. I updated REX Ess w/OD to SP3 tonight and while checking things out I noticed some weird screen tearing that should not have been happening since I run with vsync on. Since SP3 was the only change, I alt-tabbed out of FSX to shut off REX and see if that fixed it. FSX promptly stopped responding. I rebooted and while whatever caused the weird tearing was gone, FSX will still lock up if I shut off REX while it's running. Weather engine is in Standard mode. FSX and REX are both installed in locations other than the default program files folders. OS if it matters is Win8.1 64bit. I can close down the "radar" window that comes up when clicking "fly now" but if I close REX entirely that's when the problem occurs.
  9. Hi Tim, I guess we can go ahead and cancel this. I downloaded a fresh copy of the "base" Essential from FSS which uses the FSS wrapper to install and that took the order number and key and worked fine, then I downloaded the OD upgrade and ran that. It's too bad the full product download wouldn't work though. As I said I got the download link during a support chat I believe with Reed and it was a link directly from REX not FSS. The installer asked for user name, email, and a key vs. the FSS version that asks for order number, order date, and key. I don't even remember it doing that when I ran it during the support chat back then though, but maybe that's because I had already installed a licensed REX on that Windows install.
  10. Not sure what is going on. I rebuilt my PC which means reinstalling everything from scratch. I went to use a download I had of the full install of REX Essential Plus OD from when I had a live chat support session last year sometime. After uninstalling my old setup at that time I was able to install that download with no problem during the support chat. However, now when it asks for my key I input it but it is apparently not correct because it's 3 sets of numbers and the installer adds a "-" character at the end like it's expecting more. I'm wondering if I need to download REX Essential Plus and the OD upgrade separately maybe? (which sucks because I just deleted them thinking I didn't need them) My FSS purchase page shows that I have paid for REX Essential Plus and I'm wondering if that's why the key isn't working? edit: If I have to download, I'm also wondering if I even need OD at all then because I'm now only using Essential for the weather engine as I also own the REX4 Texture Direct product as well and have only been using that for textures.
  11. Ok thanks Tim. I'll keep using the REX4 functionality to launch them then. It's definitely a handy little shortcut
  12. Yes, I just wanted to check whether REX4 launched REX Essentials as admin in case I did have some sort of problem. Sorry for the confusion on that.
  13. LOL well that's fairly vague. To give more details, I'm running Win7 Pro 64bit with UAC currently turned off completely. I just trying to figure out if I should manually launch things. FSX has the checkbox for "run as admin" checked, but for REX I've always done the right-click method since there's apparently a difference. I remember the two methods being discussed in the REX Essentials forum at one point and how there seemed to actually be a difference between the checkbox and the right-click method. I haven't actually noticed any differences either way so far (launching via REX4 or manual).
  14. Normally I'd launch REX Essentials using right-click/run as administrator. I of course do this for REX4 too. I'm wondering does REX4 run REX Essentials as admin when I tell it to open REX Essentials and FSX after installing textures? Or should I cancel that and manually start both?
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