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  1. Thanks, so if I understand right, Skyforce would be the replacement for REX 3 as the weather engine, and Environment force would be like REX 4 TD which provided better textures than REX 3 but didn't actually have a weather engine?
  2. Hi guys, might be switching platforms from FSX:SE to P3D v.4. Right now I'm using REX Essentials for the weather engine only in FSX and REX 4 TD (without softclouds) for textures in FSX. It looks like Environment Force is like TD for P3D? I.e. no weather engine, then Sky Force would be the REX Essentials replacement to get a weather engine, is this correct? I know that TD has options to link it to P3D but I'm guessing the newer products have better textures and I'm ok with that (buying replacements), plus the older products seem to be running buggy on my system. I think it's just a combo of older products and Win10 updates as even my 4 year old PC, but with the latest Windows updates, is exhibiting the same lags/hangs in the apps, but those are some pretty old pieces of software now so I'm not very surprised lol.
  3. Don't uninstall REX Ess. unless you have another weather engine. REX4 is just textures (as I'm sure you've noticed by now hopefully). FSWC definitely won't affect anything with REX because REX doesn't change the water shaders. The water texture and wave animation is separate from what FSWC changes.
  4. Just grabbed REX4 today. Wow, I have to say I can't believe I waited. Water is a massive improvement over what I used to see before. Also highly impressed with the texture loading speed vs. REX Essential.
  5. Well, I think I'm gonna go grab REX4 as soon as I can scrape the $$$ together Screenshots do look great, especially the water. Also Tim your comments about shaders made me go revisit the water shader I was using in DX10 last night. I took screenshots between default FSX DX10 shader, the new improved version that comes with the DX10 Fixer app (which can be tweaked but I used default settings on it for testing), and the "preview" DX10 shader from FSWC Lite while clearing the shader cache in between. I had been using the FSWC forever because default FSX is wayyyyy too light in water color even with the darker default REX Essentials water textures loaded. I realized FSWC was actually too dark and made the wave animations look too off. The new stock settings in the DX Fixer app water shader seem about perfect. I think that paired with REX4 is going to be great for DX10 mode. Now if only I had the power to run 32bit animations lol.
  6. Thanks for the information Tim. Oh and it was not my intent to cause a problem with my water discussion/comments. I apologize if it came across that way.
  7. First, I see that it says it can load WX influenced textures. I'm wondering though is that based on one station or can it be done similar to REX Essentials where you give it a flightplan and it comes up with a set based on your departure and arrival airports. Second question is wave animations. I've gone over to the DX10 side. One of the big problems that DX10 users have noted on various forums is that even when checking the "DX10 Optimized" box in REX Essentials, the wave animations for the most part (except for a few) didn't look very good and weren't really animated under DX10 vs. their DX9 versions. Has this changed in REX4? I.e. are the DX10 versions of wave animations much improved? The default MS DX10 animation actually looked pretty good having movement and whitecaps/etc. but the overall look still looked cheap/stock so I eventually swapped it back out with a REX one but it's still a compromise. I've been holding off on REX4 since there was no updated weather engine for it yet, but I'm thinking about swapping to it anyway if the wave animations are much improved under DX10.
  8. Can anyone tell me which files and where are the wave animations? I want to manually back them up before trying out some of the DX10 optimized animations. Yes I have a full backup of the original textures from when I reinstalled FSX recently but it's a lot quicker to drop a few files back in a folder than to restore the backup and then have REX re-compile all the water textures again (using all but the animations right now).
  9. Really hard to see anything in a night shot so no idea what you're seeing there. As far as the US only, I don't know of anything in particular. I'm sure someone else does. I ended up going with FTX Global which replaces default textures for the whole world in one shot for $99 (Australian currency, about $95 right now US). It's textures only so it's not the same level as their really taxing regional sceneries. You might have to turn your autogen down a notch though (you won't notice )
  10. I started out using the 4096 textures, then jumped to the 2048 to "compromise". After a while at that I jumped down to the basic 1024's (yes I had the proper settings in the fsx.cfg file). For the most part I didn't actually notice a whole lot of difference (always using the WX influenced mode to choose/load textures). I did finally notice them looking a bit odd last night actually when landing at KLAX around 1am PDT, but I can't say if it was actually the textures or just how they were being used to represent the weather. I started using the lower res textures after I started using higher res payware aircraft and scenery areas beyond default FSX scenery textures. I'm looking forward to when I can build my new system finally though and go back to at least 2048's. I could probably do that now if I gave up the SGSS transparency anti-aliasing I'm using to get rid of shimmer in the VC.
  11. Well, I don't want to "jump the gun" since I haven't reinstalled REX textures yet so I don't know if those will make a difference but so far the water problem I seemed to be having seems improved. Default texture (which I was using the default REX textures before) and the stock water shader and animation I'm not getting that weird look. It seems like I can see that "texture on top" a bit though but I'm thinking that's normal when right down on the water. My reinstall is in the disk defrag stage now before I go on reinstalling planes, scenery, etc. and then I'll try a basic set of REX textures before doing anything crazy like going back to DX10 or anything. Actually I take that back, I'll probably try and install the REX textures before installing anything else so I have a clean reference point. The one downside to using FS Genesis vs. FS Global for terrain mesh is I now have 90 bazillion installers to run to get all the mesh back in lol. At least the newer stuff that just unzips I backed up the addon scenery folders for those and just have to re-add the top level folders for that to the scenery library. Anyway, even if in the end my water really wasn't broken (I think it was the default animation looks better now than what I had with textures/REX animations in on the old install), I think it was a good idea to clean out my 3 1/2 year old install and get rid of who knows what in tweaks/etc. over the years that I forgot about and might be lingering.
  12. Thanks, yep the new install will end up being the same folder. I just want to wipe it out and reinstall in case I did something stupid over the last few years with tweaking and/or textures or shaders and just don't remember. Something is definitely off with my water after seeing screenshots from people with the new DX10 Fixer tool. I figure I will reinstall and then check things out on a bone stock install and go from there. I almost wonder if a while back when I uninstalled SP2 to install Acceleration (originally had Deluxe installed and picked up Acceleration for the extra stuff) that something got messed up and I never realized it.
  13. I don't remember seeing any REX folders inside FSX like other addons so I'm guessing the answer is no, but if I am going to completely uninstall FSX, all my scenery addons, etc. in order to reinstall will REX need to be part of that? I'm thinking REX had it's own totally separate install and just uses the FSX location in the settings to know where to install textures and talk to Simconnect right? I'm trying to fix what I've decided is still an ongoing water texture/animation problem and since I'm now not upgrading my hardware for 4-6 months still I've decided to go ahead and wipe my 3 1/2 year old FSX install out and just start it fresh.
  14. Nope, no notification either. This is what I saw when I opened the site up this morning as far as the notifications and messenger area. Also, I notice in Tapatalk I don't have the "conversations" section either to hold messenger messages. A few weeks back it was working and I had PM'd you to ask someone to take a look at a thread in the support forum that seemed to be missed. Some time after that I lost the ability to send/receive messages.
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