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  1. I did some tests last night ... unfortunately with the Shaders generated by ENVSHADE, there are no cloud shadows on the ground. With other shaders there are. At first I thought it was an EF problem, but then, trying, I can be sure that it is ENVSHADE that doesn't work even though I have the updated program
  2. hello ... I had your same problem (I had ENVSHADE). you have to change the Shaders using PTA or TOMATO ... or the default Shaders
  3. 4.5 HF1... I followed the procedure described that is: Turn OFF HDR then click on RECOMPILE HDR but I see no change
  4. I have the same problem too ... but HDR you have disabled or activated in P3D?
  5. 383/5000 is a general indication and concerns most of the PCs in circulation. If you fail to put that parameter, certainly the PC does not explode or anything. Nor does it degrade performance. in any case here there is a post that explains everything with the annexed program to calculate the Affinity Mask (done for those who are afraid of a possible explosion) http://www.gatwick-fsg.org.uk/affinitymask.aspx?SubMenuItem=utilties I hope you are happy now;)
  6. Or 15 or 85... depending...
  7. Don't despair ... I'm also waiting for the Sky 3D Force Hotfix to solve that problem ...
  8. just for a comparison ... do you see the sim more or less like this?
  9. Look ... this is the "clean" Preset of EF ... it's very satisfying ... I haven't touched absolutely anything and now I'm afraid to do it ... there is good lighting, the environment is great. I'm in Manual Mode ... now I do some tests
  10. hello and thank you so much for the answer. I just uninstalled EF because, they look in the control panel, I didn't see the updates. Or rather, we talk about 1.1.3 but I was stuck at 1.1 despite my build being 0517. I don't know what's happening. Else. In the presentation of the update we talk about: Added - Water wind to in-sim menu Added - Cloud visibility to the in-sim menu and more ... things I don't have in the Mini-UI for example ... Look ... I'm really losing my mind ... LOL
  11. Hi, what do you see the change is Epic? I still have the problem of clouds that are not loaded by SF3D. I am waiting for the Hotfix to resolve this issue. Honestly, I didn't notice anything compared to before. I'm talking about EF. If you can give me some guidelines, I'll do some tests myself. thank you
  12. @Alex Kane good morning. I would like to give you the latest news that I hope will be useful to developers. last night I tried various combinations and checked SF3D what installed. well ... the clouds no, the sun no, the sky yes ... I checked these components directly on P3D without referring to any Log file. I thank you anyway for your prompt reply
  13. this is my current situation ... I thank you for your work always so precise and punctual the clouds look awful
  14. I also, like Bruce, applied Sky Force textures several times (updated to the latest version), but the result does not change. I can't explain what happened. tonight, more calmly, I will look for a solution.
  15. The frames are ok now, but the Clouds seem to me a little uglier than usual ... but maybe it's just my impression. The clouds are those of SF3D at 512 (Apex)
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