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  1. Hey, Tim! Sorry for delayed reply. VERSION 4.0.2013.1214 When I try to run REX Auto Update (1.0.2013.0808), the attached error occurs. When I try to open REX Texture Direct, as I mentioned, it will hang, black screen on load; and, then when trying to modify settings, it will hang for a few minutes. To do a full configuration would take about 22 minutes for all settings to save. Something is abnormal and has never occurred before. I imagine I am well out-of-date, but still unsure what is causing this. EDIT/UPDATE (System Specs here) Did some digging and viewing of application logs. The sluggishness was fixed by reinstalling Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012 Express! I also updated to the latest version! Sent you an email about changing product versions!
  2. Good evening! I have had REX Texture Direct for a long time. Today, I purchased Soft Clouds (and Worldwide Airport). Since it says Soft Clouds was a standalone, will there be any compatibility issues with it and REX Texture Direct when I install [soft clouds] since they may have to be run separately? On the subject of REX Texture Direct, I wanted to change my theme recently. It required me to update my configuration and settings, but I could not due to some odd behavior. When I click one of the dropdowns, try and browse for the engine, or do anything else in the selection options, the application hangs for about 5-6 minutes. Is this a known issue? Thanks!
  3. Hello! If you navigate to your REX Manual, you can find an answer to your question! Take a peak at page 9-11 on the REX manual. You can search rexmanual.pdf on your system. Page 58 will assist you with your other question, I think. If not, you can search "Real Weather" in the PDF. That is how I found the answers to your questions. Thank you for choosing REX!
  4. Please provide us with your order # for your product and where it was purchased. Place that within your signature so that we may continue the support request. Thank you!
  5. It is completely optional whether you remove it or not. It will not affect it either way. Please put your REX Direct order number in your signature when you buy REX4. Thank you!
  6. We are glad you got this resolved. This topic will now be marked as Resolved. Should you need anything else, do not hesitate to submit another topic.
  7. The forum was switched to a new community software. During that process, we recovered what official, necessary posts we needed. As for user posts, etc, they were left with the old installation. I am afraid you will not be able to retrieve it.
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  9. Please add your order number into your signature per the forum rules.
  10. Erdinc, Please put your order number in your signature per the forum rules.
  11. Joe, Your friend would need to come on the forum and post for support (for verification purposes). Thank you.
  12. Please put your order number in your signature per the forum rules.
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