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  1. Can you explain what the Low level visibility setting in REX does? I had it set to both 10sm and 50sm but don't see a difference in the sim (I have it set to 10sm now). What exactly am I looking for with those settings?
  2. Thank you for all the help. I finally have fog using the REX weather engine! In the second link you posted where it had the FS9 cfg settings, some of those settings I had but others I changed to match what that link had. I think what finally fixed it was the MAX_UNLIMITED_VIS= line. the post said the number should be 96560. I had MAX_UNLIMITED_VIS=241401 so I think that was causing my problem.
  3. 2. I already gave Kaspersky permission to run REX 3. I think REX has permission to run through my active firewall. I can download real world weather (with default weather engine and REX weather engine) without any messages saying that operation is blocked. 4. I have the UAC turn off on my computer. No one else uses it except me. And I start REX by double clicking on the exe file 5. I was told REX can run with the free version of FSUIPC, but if buying it can get this fog thing fixed then I will get the full version.
  4. Added the stuff to my signature like you requested.
  5. Sorry I didn't know you guys were light on staff. My Enable Metar real visibility is enabled. And my low level visibility setting is a 30. Should it be at 10? I didn't really understand that setting. I found that the default weather engine gives me fog at Abbotsford (CYXX) (1/4 mile vivibility) so I loaded up the REX weather engine. I tried the low level visibility setting at 10 and then again at 50 and both times it gave me totally different weather than the deafault weather. The default weather had fog, but REX had clear skies with some clouds in the distance.
  6. I have it set to "none". (i think thats the word they use. The slider is all the way to the left)
  7. It's 1.5.2010.1210 (And I have overdrive installed)
  8. My home airport is Islip (KISP) and right now it is real foggy here (less than a mile visibility) so I fired up my REX and loaded up the real world weather, after everything loaded there was no fog at Islip (there was clouds but the visibility was real good). I am not sure why I can not get fog to show in my sim. Any ideas why?? Just wanted to add that the default weather engine shows fog good but I can get it to work with REX. I tried again tonight (visibility is 0.75 miles now) and REX is not showing that. In fact there were blue skies and some clouds when I download the real world weather with REX tonight.
  9. I use FS9. And Suvarnabhumi (VTBS) is not included in the defaul FS9 airports.
  10. Thank you. Sorry about not responding, I totally forgot about this thread. I re installed REX.
  11. I am trying to make a flightplan from VTBS to VTSP. I make the fligthplan and everything is fine, but when I load the plan it will not work cause REX is not reconizing VTBS. I do have scenery for VTBS. Any idea what to do?
  12. I have Windows 7 and right now I have my REX installed in the C:/Program Files(x86) folder (FS9 is outside the x86 folder). I read somewhere (I forget where) that REX works better outside the x86 folder. Is that true? Should I uninstall REX then re install REX outside the x86 folder? PS: I have my UAC turned off since I am the only one who uses this computer
  13. Quick question what is the higher quality water textures 512x512 or 256x256? Thanks!
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