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  1. I enjoy the Weather from REX however the DWC makes flying nearly impossible. All on my jets no mater who makes them can not hold the airspeed it is a complete fight to keep from nearly stalling or over speed. I've used other WX generators and had no issues. I tried the FSUIPC setting and tried REX settings. The wind changes direction in the FL so fast and doesn't match forecast. I have settings for 5 degrees per second and 2 knots per second set. Any advise? Thanks Scooter
  2. Thanks for getting back to me
  3. It may help, go to page 38/39 in the help manual.....Type in your destination Airport Code and that works very well. I've checked it against real world weather against AOPA web site. Also go to page 46,47,48 and read that part after your flight plan has been submitted as in page 43 and is ready Hit the Nav Log button and go to WX Log Tab and there's a Metar again very close to real world. This is all before flight starts however Weather dose change I'd suggest research the weather from some sort of Aviation web site. Hope it helps.
  4. Hey there, I've been using REX real weather since it's about the only one left that can get real weather. I do have VATSIM checked too. I've been having issues with the wind upper FL's 320-450 not matching real world. eg an aviation web site I use would say FL 380 winds 260/80. When flying the wind changes from 320/50 to 165/50 constantly the aircraft can not keep up with this ends up overspeed or stall. I most times have turn off the Auto Throttle or Over take the FADEC whichever AC I'm using most times the FS crashes due to AC over stressed the Airspeed will go up and down 100kts in about 4/5 seconds. Any ideas how to overcome this. I used to use FS9 real weather or Active SKY they were pretty close on winds. I tried with Wind controls checked and unchecked in the REX menu. and disable turbulence in FSIPCU and in the REX menu. Any help thanks.
  5. The only thing I can find in errors says its incompatible with system....
  6. Same thing, It says REX has stopped working windows is checking for a solution and goes away. It did work as of 2 weeks ago.
  7. Thank you will report back sir.
  8. I'm at a loss I just uninstalled and re-installed again. Same issue.....It's the only thing on my PC not working. I did use Flight 1 downloader and seems to be installed ok. lots of files in the folder. It's like missing a file. I use the Desk top Icon and get the quick message and gone. I've used the other Icon in the file too.
  9. Hey there, I recently had issues with my PC blue screening. Now my REX will not open. When trying to open I get an window saying that REX has stopped working. I have uninstalled and re-downloaded from FSS a version SP5 and reinstalled and still get the same error. I click the short cut and still getting the same message. I'm still using W7, Norton AV, latest FUCIP, it has worked for many years for me.... Not sure why it's the only thing not working after a fresh re-install. I did have the overdrive package too that is gone as well. My install path is C:\REX FS2004 and the FS2004 is....C:\Flight Simulator 9
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