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  1. I was wandering if it's possible for someone to make taxiways snow blown like runways in FS9?
  2. You mentioned Eaglesoft. There version 1 does not need FSUIPC, version 2 does, I have both and FSUIPC, Vers 2 is so much better it is the best flying AC I have and I do have LevelD and enjoy that as much. The more complex the better. FSUIPC does lots of thing fro FS it took out the sever wind change dorung cruse flight that led to over speeds by tweaking a few numbers. I know eaglesoft is getting ready to up date the rest of their other AC as soon as that get the CX finished. The Aerowax King Air from Flight1 is neet too. By the way you can fly Vers 2 with out it but the FADEC does not work proper with out. You have to keep the engine from red line by yourself. Any FSUIPC doesn't cost that much anyway.
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