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  1. I have today solved the problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!! First I uninstalled REX 2.0 from the slave pc. I had left this on when installing RESS. Then ran a search for "simconnect" in the whole computer. This showed several instances of simconnect.cfg in various places, one in Public Documents. This had the old fixed IP address in and was for Port 500. This file was deleted. I'm not sure which of these 2 solved it (the latter I would have thought?), but after 3 months and too many hours spent trying it is now working again. What I do not understand is, these files were there before changing to wired network from wireless, and it worked up until then. Many thanks to REX staff ( past and present!) for your assistance and patience. I can at last now get the licence for P3D for my RESS. Regards Den
  2. Drives are mapped on both pcs, still no connection to fsx. I have now re-installed a drive image of the RESS pc from when it was working just before starting this thread but it still will not work. I have reset the router to issue static IP adresses (I originally had them set on the pcs), altered the cfg and xml files to reflect these new adresses- still not working.
  3. I appreciate that this is not really a REX problem and appears to be a simconnect one. However nothing was changed in anything(REX or simconnect) to cause it to stop working. According to Kees there is nothing wrong with the FSx installation on the server pc, it is working as it should and sits waiting for a connection. If I run REX on this pc it connects Ok, the only problen is when REX is updating the weather the framerates drop to 2 or 3. So reinstalling on this pc is not needed. The poor framerate is the reason I wanted REX on the slave pc. The problem appears to be on the slave pc where REX will not communicate to the server. Kees deleted Simconnect (all versions), removed things from the SxS folder and reinstalled simconnect (all 3 versions). It still will not work.
  4. Yes, that was how I had it originally. I only changed to names to see if that cured the problem- it didn't
  5. When I met with Kees on Skype/Teamviewer last month he checked the simconnect installation on the server pc and said it was OK. We then checked the client pc, where he uninstalled simconnect, noticed that there was still some entries in Win SxS that should have been deleted by the uninstall, decided to manually delete some files from the WinsxS folder and re-install simconnect. The installation did not work as,according to him, simconnect was not opening the ports on the client mac (checked with Currports). At that point he had used up the time he had available and his final comment was that he needed to make further changes to the SxS folder. This is still the situation today. Den
  6. Kees We still have to finish destroying my win sxs folder when you get the time.
  7. Kees Thank you very much for your efforts at our discussion today. I have now tried the file you sent and I am afraid there is still no joy, it produces the same error message we saw this morning. But that is not surprising since when I compared it to what I already had and, apart from changing the port number, it was identical. I eagerly await your next suggestion Den
  8. Are we still on for tomorrow AM? If so I need the details of how we are going to do it. Den
  9. Hi Kees I am available most days during the daytime and evenings up to 20.00Z (except Thurs and Fri). Regards Den
  10. Kees, I am in England on GMT, same as Zulu time, so time difference should not be a problem.
  11. That would be very much appreciated, I am away from tomorrow until Monday but can make any time from Tues onwards- or later today (afternoon, I am out tonight) if that's not too short a notice period. I will leave it to you to set an appointment, as I am retired I can make days or evenings. I have used Teamviewer before but wasn't aware of a voice channel but can always install Skype if needed. Just let me know how and when. Many thanks Den
  12. Sorry, already tried that yesterday, just forgot to add it to the post. Yes sdk is upgraded to sp2, and,yes, I did use the copy of simconnect.msi from there. I'd go back to the wireless network if I could by doing a system restore to when it worked but I can't. The reason for changing was that the wireless kept dropping the connection for up to 5 seconds and this was playing havoc with some of my button screen functions in Wideclient. If I could bind WideFS exclusively to the wired network and simconnect to the wireless one I'd try that- but I have no idea if that is even possible and even less idea how to do it. Den
  13. Re-installed SDK and updates to server after un-installing any simconnect items left in Programs and Features. Removed simconnect.msi from client, ran Ccleaner, transferred new simconnect.msi from server to client and ran it there(ended up with the same version of the file as previously) Both pcs set up still for port 58850. Ran Currports on both machines. Server now shows one of the fsx processes as:- TCP- local port 8002- local address Remote port 50036- remote address Remote Host Name Q9450- State established I believe this to be Wideserver using this port. Currports on client Q9450 does not show any connections to server, except for Widecient as usual. So, why is client pc not showing any connection to server at all still? What do I try next? This is enough to drive you up the wall isn't it!
  14. Tried 58850 as you suggest, port again not showing in Currports list. It is again showing 26 ports open by fsx, mainly TCP but 2 UDP as well. Simcinnect is the same version on server as client, 10.0.61242.0. It looks like I'd better do a re-install of the SDK and simconnect. Should I reinstall the sdk to both machines or just to the client? And should I re-install SP1 and/or SP2 to FSX? I am not currently using REX for P3D, I was waiting till I get it working before buying the upgrade! Would it help solve the problem if I got it now? Den
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