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  1. Thank you so much I also see that on the Texture Compression Algorithm you have those set DXT 5 since I am running preparV4.5 and windows 10 Do I need to leave that at 32 bit or do I need to set it to DXT that should answer all my question and thank you much. Edwin
  2. Hi Guys, I have a question? in the Configuration settings and optimization page at the bottom of the page their is a section called Create/restore backup do I need to backup currently installed flight simulator textures,effects and sounds before I proceed to install Soft-Clouds thank you.. Edwin
  3. Thank you for the reply great customer service....
  4. Hi guys just had a quick question I want to purchase Texture direct soft clouds. If i purchase directly off your website this this include all updates Etc... Thanks... Edwin
  5. Hi Reed, I recently ordered the disc version of REX essentials plus Overdrive from the flight sim store. I installed the disc but my question is the discs version is saying that this is a version bulid of 3.5.2012.1029 could you lead me to the links of the updates or newer version of REX so that I can update REX Plus Overdrive. If you could put the links of the updates in here for me in the order they should be installed that would be greatly appreciated since I am sometimes challenged by technology LOL....... Thanks again. Regards Edwin
  6. Hi I got it all worked out REX is working. No more need for support at this time.
  7. Thank you Galen for your assistance. I have tried it and I am still having the same issue. I think that we're better off SKPE because I have no clue what to do at this point. I will not give up on this. You know there is a big sale going on right now on REX scenery want to purchase everything but with these issues I can't.
  8. Hi I have decided to get flight1 disc flight environment . I understand it's the holidays but support here is rather slow and I am done with REX this has been nothing but trouble.
  9. Hi Reed let me know who I need to set up an appt with to do SKPE thank you for your help.
  10. Ok so this how this is working. I got 3 Cds from PC avitors. I put disc one in it starts to downolad only to stop in the middle of disc one and give me this error message. here is the message. Source file not found: G:\ cab 16. cab verify that the file exist and that you can access it. why does this keep popping up
  11. if someone wants to skpe with me today i do have time.
  12. I have already tried to do that. I tried to put the files of the disc to a file folder and it would not take for some reason.
  13. It is saying that I am missing cab 6 when hallway through the first disc that's when I get that error saying missing cab 6
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