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  1. I think it worked. Thanks. Unrelated issue: all airplanes are acting up weird. Meaning flaps are flickering randomly.. Even the throttle of the plane I can see is rapidly moving in one position like back and forth but without affecting the plane meaning moving forward.. Have you guys heard of this behaviour after installing? Thanks.
  2. Hi Tim, I am not sure what build # to give you so I am posting two: REX Essential 3.6.2013.0415 REX 4 Texture Direct 4.2.2014.0520 Thx.
  3. Hi, I am currently experiencing too much weather loading. I was wondering how I can fix this? I have set up my configuration panel to change every 30 min but still the weather engine injects the weather too many times in too little time. Thank you and sorry for posting in a different forum.
  4. zero instead of an O. Oh wow. Sorry. Issue resolved.
  5. Hi, just downloaded REX4 and I am in the process of installing but I get a message that I have an invalid Serial Number. Please advice.
  6. oh my, I didn't know this. Thank you. Should I then start up always with the weather engine before I start up FSX? Thanks in advance! Sorry, I just look on my harddrive and I have two previous REX installed. I am not sure it says anywhere that I have to keep this programs... I have Extreme Enviroment 2, and then, REX Essential PLus Overdrive HD. Thank you,
  7. Hello, I just installed REX4, I am wondering what to do with the old program? or does the installation of REX4 replaces the old files? Thanks in advance, gito.
  8. Hi, I've been noticing random clouds within the super detail 3d clouds, has anyone found a fix for this? They look OK, but completely out of place... could it be possible that FSX is generating this? even tho my settings are set to zero in the FSX panel? Please let me know how I can resolve this, as I enjoy the amazing technology of weather that REX has developed, but these random clouds bother me...THX/
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