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  1. Well, I am using the latest 327.23 WHQL driver. I use size 1024 for all types of clouds. A couple of observations/thoughts; There seems to be two layers of clouds, and the phenomena only is in the lower more flat layer. The upper more thick layer is fine. It only appears over land, not over water/ocean. I recently installed FTX Global. There has been some discussions, that it may interact unfavourably with other addons. Before I used FSCene4x, and it is my impression the phenomena was less pronounced then. Best regards, Anders
  2. Hi, I forgot how to paste images in here, so maybe this explanation helps; Quite often, I get such odd sharp cloud fragments in a circular shape around the Aircraft. Typically they are flashing. Any idea what this could be? Best Regards, Anders
  3. Hi, I would also like to be verified. My order numbers are in my signature below. Best Regards, Anders
  4. Thank you for the update. I fully understand that. Rather take yourself the time needed to get this one right in the first place, than having to deal with several SP´s shortly after the launch And by the way, I really hope that an FS9 version of this fantastic upgrade is in the pipeline.. Still, take your time to get it right. I can wait. Best Regards, Anders
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