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  1. Hi, As much as I like WXPLUS Mode, I run it in Standard Mode. The reason being, that in WXPLUS Mode my Sim crashes after 2-3 hours flight, whereas Standard keeps it going forever (well, my longest flight is 11 hours). The symptom being that sim goes on with sound, but Image freezes (yes I have Uiautomationcore.dll fix). I have no idea why this is so. I also have to say, that it is not a big issue for me, as I like it in Standard mode as well. BR, Anders
  2. Well, I recently installed a couple of payware aircraft. Could it be that some of them had messed up some of the REX files? Anyway, I uninstalled and reinstalled REX E OD, and now it Works Again. BR, Anders
  3. Hi, Is the Real Data weather server out of function now? Currently I can only use Random settings. Secondly, suddenly the Config Manager has forgotten my simulator folder location, and it won´t accept when I browse to the location?? Error log says this; ERROR TRAPING FOR REX ESSENTIAL Class Location: SystemCleanConvertUpperLevelWinds.loadUpperAirData Error: Der er en fejl i XML-dokumentet (1, 317173). BR, Anders
  4. Well, I reinstalled REX, and now it works again. BR, Anders
  5. Yes, REX has access through the firewall. BR Anders
  6. I' m using Windows 7 built in Firewall, and Microsoft Security Essentials antivirus program. BR, Anders
  7. Restart of REX E nor reboot does any difference. Product key is 65080865 BR, Anders
  8. Hi, This seems to happening from time to time, often because the weather server is being updated, or some other servicing issues. Right now, Weather will not load. It can however find the weather on the real time weather page. My REX E version is 3.6.2013.0415. Error log says;ERROR TRAPING FOR REX ESSENTIAL Class Location: frmWxEngine.loadWSWeather Provider cannot determine the value of Object... etc. I just ran my REX FS2004 SP4 - No probs at all. As usual REX FS2004 works flawlessly. So what could now be wrong with the REX E weather engine (Standars Mode)? Regards, Anders
  9. Yes, but to be frank, I have no idea what happened, since it is ok now :- BR, Anders
  10. I just read the announcements around Essential Looks terrific!! Overdrive or not, I´m happy to learn, that there eventually also will be a version for FS9. BR, Anders
  11. Thanks for the answer. So, REX Essential, is this a new product comming out? Or will it be add-on to REX FS2004/FSX respectively? BR, Anders
  12. Hi , I have recently started to fly supersonic with the Concorde, that normally operated between 50-60.000 feet. Now, as you may know, there is almost no weather up there, in the sense that conditions up there are relatively stable and constant. Contrary to 30-40.000 feet where the subsonic aircraft are, where weather changes are very common and well simulated in REX. Would there be any possibility to switch off the weather changes above say 50.000 feet, either in REX of FSUIPC? Or maybe this feature could be included in Service pack 5? Best Regards, Anders
  13. Hi, As I type in the airport code, for instance EKCH, KJFK etc., the name of the airport no longer comes up. And it seems to be "Loading weather.." for ever. Error log says; ERROR TRAPING FOR REAL ENVIRONMENT XTREME Class Location: ucWeatherDetails.runWeather Error: Startkoden 'fsxlat' i linje 96046 svarer ikke til slutkoden 'fsxlqt'. Linje 96046, position 36. (it´s danish and says; Start code 'fsxlat' in line 96046 does not match with the end code 'fsxlqt'. Line 96046, position 36.) Any Idea what this is? BR, Anders
  14. Hi, Since I got W7, I start up pretty much everything with right clicking and "Run as Administrator". However, I think that my issue as described in the first post came from a Windows Update, that for some reason not was completed. I dated back my rig to before this update, and it worked flawlessly again. Since then, it has worked, also with the latest W7 updates. Best Regards, Anders
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