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  1. Well, I don't care how long it takes ... if it makes the product better when it [finally] arrives! There's so much already to enjoy while we wait. I'm active on a few of the more popular FS forums and there are so many unbelievable screenshots out there - even with "just" the current REX/TD. I don't think it's backfiring. I work in Web Development and often find unforeseen circumstances put projects back. I also don't mind being teased LOL! Adam.
  2. Great - many thanks! Looking forward to seeing more [new] material! I hope that whenever pics do come along that we get to see which platform they were taken on. FSX isn't so much of a problem, but IMHO P3D definitely has some pretty cheesy cloud/water algorithms (the famous "blobby clouds" etc.). If SF 3D can eliminate those, then you're onto a winner! Adam.
  3. In the Skyforce PDF that's out there (http://www.rexsimulations.com/skyforce.pdf) are the sample pics from FSX or P3D? It's important to know, as P3D cloud drawing routines are totally different (translation: cr*p). I have "Soft Clouds" and found it didn't help much. Same deal with water (P3D water is appalling, compared to FSX IMHO). Adam.
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