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  1. Hey guys, I switched to P3D V4 and I downloaded the software through the REX download manager and their is no exe. The files that it downloaded were all the .cab and the .msi file. Thank you for the help
  2. I downloaded REX 4 with Soft Cloud onto my hard drive with the download manager, however the setup.exe file is missing. Tried it twice now - same results. What shall I do? Thanks! JP
  3. I was talkiing about the weather engine I thought I had to add my active sky snapshot file to integrate the weather into REX but I figured it out that i do not need to do that since i open active sky before Flight sim. Thanks again guys everything works great
  4. Ya I have a I speed internet for gaming, I used the above link for download and it worked I was alble to install. The issue now is the weather. I browsed to my Active Sky to retrieve my active sky snapshot file and nothing shows but when i check by going outside REX to search for the file its there. I am not sure what is happening there I was able to retrieve it on REX3 as well as PFPX. thanks again guys for your help, you are the best
  5. hey Timest, which download manager do you use? I tried getright download manager but had same results. I am still waiting on Flightsimstore to get back to me.
  6. hey Timest, which download manager do you use? I use google chrome for my browser
  7. I am still having the issue I installed the download manager and i will not recognize when i start the download. I hardwired my computer this time as well, is it possible to send me the zip via email?
  8. the major issue is it will not open the program to install. I will download it again, suggestion on which download server is best. there are no USA.
  9. JP

    uninstall REX

    thank you. I did not see a uninstall but i did see a restore to defaults and then uninstall through add/remove programs and thats what it showed in the manual so hopefully i did it correct. I did look through my hard drive and nothing was showing up as REX or essential + OD. I hope i did uninstalled it correctly
  10. Hey guys, I bought REX 4 texture direct w/ soft clouds and I watched the install video on youtube by timest and I noticed that I have only 6 files so I am missing some. (I bought it from Flightsimstore) there was only on download button. I am not sure on what to do, is it a bad download? I tried to open the rexinstaller just to check but after i run as administrator it closes? I am going to restart my PC to see if that might be the issue but i do not think it is the cause. I did notice that on the video it it shows rexte then the number. rexinstaller, rextd1, rextd2 rextd3 rextd4 rextdc_sp6_hotifix2_20160325 thanks for the help
  11. JP

    uninstall REX

    Hey guys, I just bought REX4 + soft clouds and I want to uninstall REX Essentials, this maybe be a stupid question but is there a specific steps on the uninstall process? thanks for your help JP www.iamjets.com
  12. Hey Guys, My Dad got a new PC so now he can fly with me, I have installed REX essentials+OD. My question is do I have to keep my profile name the same as is shown on mine or can he leave it blank? Thanks for the help
  13. Check your buffer pools in your fsx.cfg file. default will show something like 500000 change that to 0 that should take care of the problem. It did for me anyways
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