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  1. JP

    P3D license?

    Ok thank you guys
  2. Hey Guys, I am a little confused which P3D licences to choose I am still running on FSX so this will be my first P3D purchase. I am assuming the majority of people choose academic license but I would like to confirm before purchase. Thank you for the help JP
  3. Hey Guys, I am trying to figure out the setting I should choose when it comes to the Global and program setting in nvidia. I am using FSX acceleration and I have anti aliasing set to 8x in dx10. My question is do I need to change my global setting to 8x as well? Right now to make it easier I kept both global and program setting the same for the time being until I get advice. I am using intel i7-3930k and the GeForce GTX960 4 gb with 2 monitors. Thank you for the help GLOBAL SETTINGS Ambient Occlusion: OFF anisotropic filtering: 8x Antialiasing FXAA: off antialiasing mode: application controlled antialiasing transparency: 8x (supersample) CUDA GPU: all DSR Factors: off Maximum pre rendered frames: use 3d application Multi frame sampled: AA (MFAA):off Multi display / mixed GPU acceleration: Multiple display performance Shader Cache: on Texture filtering- anistrophic sample optimization: off Texture filtering- Negative LOD bias: Clamp Texture filtering- quality Texture filtering- Trilinear optimization: off Threaded optimization: off Triple buffering: off Vertical sync: use 3d application Virtual Reality pre-rendered frames: 1
  4. Hey jcompo, I heard that ultimate traffic 2 is good it has an easy interface good with performance (fps). They are not updating there flight schedules but if you are flying on vatsim it does not matter and they do have a lot of airlines. Hope this helps
  5. Hey guys, I just got a second computer that will have windows 10 on it. I was wanting to know... does REX essentials +OD run on windows 10 or do I have to buy REX4?
  6. Hey everybody, I was wanting to ask if anybody here uses utopia san diego buildings. I bought it awhile ago but never used it but now since I have been tweaking fsx.cfg I am getting good fps out of latinvfr and I was wanting to try it with san diego buildings, also I have my flight sim installed D:/Flight Simulator X Do I install it in the same directory so it would show.. D:/Flight Simulator X/addon scenery thanks for the help
  7. JP

    FSX settings

    Which graphics card would you recommend. I would like to stay with geforce
  8. Hey guys, I have been amending my settings to get the best results FPS and quality but I am not sure which setting REX textures use to get the highest quality. My PC specs are in my signature. thanks for the help! My current setting are detail radius: large mesh complexity: 100 mesh resolution: 5 texture resolution : 2 scenery complexity: dense autogen density: sparse special effects detail: high Cloud coverage density:high
  9. Hey guys, I just re-installed Essentials + OD but not the textures set because I don't understand a few settings. What does the runway and taxiway bump map mean. I have addon airport scenery from FsDreamteam, if that is checked will they interfere with each other? thanks for the help
  10. I ran the exe, and it tells me that its unable to install the - Microsoft SQLLocalDB Express. Does anybody else have these issues
  11. thank you, I have 2 more questions and that is... I noticed that their is an installation for framework. I have a second hard drive which is D:\ that I keep all my games and software on. Can I install it on my D:\ drive? Will the software automatically detect to see if I have a current framework before installing?
  12. if i am understanding this correctly.. once you download it, install it D:\ REX Auto Update and then once installed choose what product and directory my REX Essentials plus and overdrive folder is?
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