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  1. Ok thanks that has cleared that up for me.
  2. Sorry I am not making myself clear. I have a 75 GB FSX directory of which an Orbx sub directory takes up 35 Gb. Does that mean that TD4 has installed it self into FSX and so can I then delete a separate directory on Drive C called REX Texture Direct that is 17.1 Gb in size?
  3. Won't that put me back to where I am now? or do you mean reinstall it on another drive and leave that plugged in to run TD4?
  4. I have limited room on my drive C a 256Gb SSD. Can i move the Texture direct 4 directory under drive C (some 17.1 Gb) to another drive to get some extra room or would that mean that TD4 would not run when I start up FSX? Gerry
  5. Galen, Thanks - just updated and it is all good. Thanks for the support. Gerry
  6. Galen, When I start Soft Clouds (v 0810) and check for updates I get the following. "you need to update to version 4.2.2015.1002 Click OK to update your version of REX Texture Direct" regards, Gerry
  7. Reed, Thank you for the reply. I now have Texture Direct 4 - version 4.5.2015.1006 Soft Clouds - 4.2.2015.0810 When starting soft clouds and checking for updates it says I should update to version 4.2.2015.1002 of TD4. Is this right? It seems like a backward step. Many thanks for all your help. Gerry
  8. Reed, Guess what I got TD Service pack 5 to install and Soft clouds SP2 as well. No idea why it refused to do so before but now it has worked. I did not install SP1 for Soft clouds because it kept telling me I did not have an up to date version. So I went straight to SP2 and it installed successfully. Will that work do you think?
  9. Michael, Yes install REX TD4 textures and then you can quit the application. TD loads them into FSX before FSX starts.Make sure you turn off low level clouds in the Options Manager. Then start soft clouds, install the set you want and then close that as well. Don't minimise it as it drags down your frame rates and besides it has already done its work. If you have REX essentials with Over Drive as your weather engine, load that next, select the departure airport and load the weather for that airport by clicking on "submit". From there select "Fly Now" and you are set to go. If you do not have REX Essentials +OD start FSX after you have closed Soft Clouds.
  10. My apologies - I was sure I had sent you another PM. No, unfortunately it did not work.If it is not possible at this time to get a brand new copy of TD4/Soft clouds with all the updates I will simply stick with what I have until such time it may become available.At least I did get SP1 for TD4 to work. Pity about the soft clouds update though - that looked very worthwhile. regards Gerry
  11. Run Texture direct first and generate and save weather at your departure point. Then minimize (don't shut it down) and start REX Essentials plus overdrive and submit the weather for the departure airport. From there on load FSX. If you have soft clouds as a stand alone I am not sure where it fits into that sequence. Edit - Just found out. The sequence is this TD4 - load airport departure weather and then minimiseSoft Clouds - load texture set. close but do not start FSXREX OD - run real weather for departure airport and then run FSXIn TD4 Clouds and weather settings remove tick on low level cloudsIn FSX set cloud draw distance to 100 MilesGerry
  12. OK, I give up. Whenever I download updates I get error messages - the most recent suggested I need a bootstrapper. I have the following version of Texture Direct 4 4.3.2014.1210 and the original Soft clouds without updates because I cannot update it to 4.1 2015.0109. I have had enough. All I ask is, is there anywhere I can get the complete up to date version of both TD4 and soft clouds? I am willing to pay again from scratch for both products just to get the updates included. No update advice please just the total package, where I can get it and the price. regards, Gerry Engwerda
  13. Galen, Thanks for reminding me - I have been somewhat distracted. Short answer is no. I tried downloading the set up file on again ran it as admin and the install process won't even start.Let's leave it for the moment as I can live without the updates for the time being.
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