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  1. Hi Tim, That’s what I needed to know. Thanks very much for taking the time to respond when it’s all too evident just how busy you are these days. Good to know I’m on the right track and can proceed now with confidence. The user manual is well written and pretty comprehensive but, to my mind, stuff like this needed a little more clarification if, like me, you intend to incorporate your preferred Shader Preset into REX Environment Force. You guys are doing a great job despite having been given a rough ride over the past couple of weeks or so. I’m rarely an early adopter, preferring instead to wait until the evidence is there that a new product is achieving a state of stability and reliability. However, those early adopters do deserve some recognition for exposing stuff that has been missed during development and we should always remain grateful for that. Well done! Bringing life-like realism to our favourite flight sim is very hard to achieve, and there can be no doubt that the huge contributions made by development teams such as REX Simulations bring us ever closer to that tantalisingly wonderful objective. Best regards, Mike
  2. Keep checking and still no response. Is there a problem? Perhaps the fault is mine: my post was too convoluted and life is just too short..LOL! If so then I do apologise. However, I would still like to receive some clarification if it’s at all possible please. Regards, Mike
  3. Hi REX, I have just purchased REX 5 - Environment Force (EF) and on the point of giving it a workout. Before I do, I would like to have one point clarified please: the use of EF with other 3rd Party shader utilities. Following the thread at AVSIM only succeeds in causing much confusion as messages and advice provided are very mixed and often contradictory. This, of course, was compounded by the fact that EF was, in reality, still in the Bets testing stage of development and early adopters were encountering a variety of issues. I received an email a few days ago announcing the official release of EF so am assuming we now have a stable and reasonably bug free version. To date I have always favoured the use of Shader Presets rather than being faced with time consuming tinkering. My current favourite is Tomato Shade R&D Preset v1.8. My preference for EF would be to use it in Automatic Mode. Now to my question: Am I correct in assuming that any changes made by EF in Automatic Mode are done from the position of using the default base shader settings currently in play, whether this be the Prepar3D v4.5 shader defaults (which are nice) or those previously installed by a 3rd Party Preset, as I have done? This would be convenient as it obviates the need to restore the sim’s default shaders before using EF for the first time. Also, can I assume that the previously installed shader cache (compiled from either a Shader Preset or P3D default) would remain in place, and reflected by the appearance of the sim, if EF is terminated? Any Shader Preset, such as the one provided by R&D, depends on the recommended use of specific Sky textures. R&D base their Preset development and intended results on a Sky texture set provided by REX Sky Force 3D. When I exit EF, would this Sky Texture set be restored along with the associated Preset Shader values and Shader Cache compiled by referencing my previously installed R&D Tomato Shade Preset? On-the-fly EF shader changes (such as occurs in Automatic Mode) implies that these are indeed not permanent and such a scenario, is indeed possible. Edit: In the meantime, pending further advances, I will continue to use AS for Prepar3Dv4 as my weather engine. That being the case, EF might be leaving non base Shader values on exit unless, and again this is pure speculation on my part, the methods employed to adjust environmental Shader values on-the-fly in Automatic Mode is executed in a way that avoids changing the default P3Dv4.5/3rd Party Preset values contained in files held in the ShadersHLSL folder. Perhaps these ‘base’ values are copied and worked on outside the running sim. That would preserve the entire set of ‘base’ Shader values as well as allowing those values controlling such things as Virtual Cockpit lighting, and not dependent on changing Sky textures, to be protected. Or, could it be that these assumptions are incorrect? Thanks. Kind regards, Mike
  4. Hi Tim, My apologies, I assumed Reed would have done the needful following our email exchanges. Yes, it has been resolved and I can confirm that all appears well following the application of the recent Hotfix 1c. Thank you. Regards, Mike
  5. When you install Hotfix 1c it will revisit the registration procedure and then offer to backup your default texures automatically. If you allow this to happen AND have failed to restore your original P3D3 textures prior to applying the hotfix then your original P3D3 backup will be overwritten by the currently installed content. Fortunately I realised in time what was about to happen and created a backup of the original (pre-Hotfix) 'BackupP3D3' folder. I allowed REX WA HD + Hotfix 1c to automatically create the backup containing the previously installed HD content. I deleted my Themes and exited the program. Then all the original texture content was restored manually to their correct parent folders. I deleted the backup with the HD content, and REX WA HD was restarted. I confirmed it was backing up and restoring the original P3D3 texture content correctly and then proceeded to recreate and install my Themes as before. It's quite possible that I may have missed something along the way and didn't give REX WA HD + Hotfix 1c an opportunity to trap this potential issue. Anyway, I thought it worth mentioning in case others were caught out and unable to recover their default content easily. Edit: Just noticed that the original P3D texture backup folder before the Hotfix was named BackupP3D whereas after the hotfix it is BackupP3D3. So, it may be that the original backup would be preserved...but not restored automatically. Mike
  6. Hi Reed, Please check your mail - have done as you requested. Regards, Mike
  7. Okay, fired her up again today and the original problem has resurfaced with my first attempt to create a theme! My selections in each category were random. Two Log Alert Reports appear. I had assumed the second was the same as the first whereas, on more careful inspection, it isn't: The first referred to Airline (as before) and the second refers to Textures. As before, the Theme has not been saved. Tried again after restarting the program - random selection except for Medium Hangers Set 2 -> same result. Tried once more after another program restart - Set 1 selected from each category -> SUCCESS! Theme saved. And again after another program restart - Set 2 from each category -> SUCCESS! Theme saved. And once more after another program restart - Random selection of Sets -> SUCCESS! Theme saved. Clearly, when the issue is present somehow it appears to auto-correct itself with a program restart. Mike
  8. Yes, followed by the attempted creation of a second Theme. A restart allows me to proceed with the creation of additional Themes. However, this appears to be intermittent and so far has only happened twice during a very limited period of testing. I'll continue to challenge the program over the next few days and see what happens. Mike
  9. Hi Reed, Well, overnight, I guess some pixie dust has been sprinkled on the program because now it appears to be working!!? I started by creating 3 themes using Set 1 from each category with the exception of Medium Hangers which had Sets 2, 3 and 4 selected in turn. Everything proceeded normally and each Theme was saved! Hooray! Then I created a further theme using Set 1 from Medium Hangers and, again, it was successful and the theme was saved. So, it would appear the matter has resolved itself spontaneously!? All Themes were then deleted and I tried again. First Theme was saved successfully and I proceeded to create a second theme. This, however, proved to be problematic. I selected Set 1 from Main Terminals and clicked on the Add to Theme button and this message popped up: I was unable to circumvent this message nor could I create another Theme until I restarted the program. This time all was well. So far, this has happened twice during this brief testing period. Anyway, it looks like something has occurred to correct whatever was blocking the saving of Themes immediately after their creation. I remain unclear as to where Themes are backed up after clicking 'OK' during exit of the program. I finished up by starting afresh and recreated a few more themes to allow me to capture an image for you as confirmation. Regards, Mike Install and Restore Logs attached. Install and Restore Logs.zip
  10. Hi Reed, I started off by simply selecting Set 1 from each category section. Afterwards I tried different random selections from each category. Can't recall whether Set 1 from medium hangers was again being selected. I will try, as before, creating themes using Set 1 from each of the categories and Set 2, etc. from Medium Hangers and report back. Regards, Mike
  11. Hi Reed, First tried the 'Repair' option but no joy, same issue. Then fully uninstalled/reinstalled/rebooted and result still the same as described in my first 2 posts. The textures appear to be installing okay - verified following each install in running sim (P3D). Problem lies with program not saving or backing up Themes despite it giving the impression that it has in each instance. However, the program seems perfectly functional in all other respects, including the backing up and restoring of original P3D textures. Each time I install my batch of textures in each of the 11 categories the Log Alert Report appears, I respond 'Yes' and it appears again. Selecting 'Yes' once more causes the window to disappear and the installation completes very quickly (couple of seconds). Regards, Mike My rig: ASUS Rampage V Extreme, i7-5960X (Dynamic OC 4.4GHz), Corsair Hydro Series™ H110i GT Cooler with 2xNoctua NF-A14 PWM 140mm fans, G.SKILL Ripjaws 4 series 16GB (4 x 4GB) DDR4 3000 (PC4 24000) F4-3000C15Q-16GRR, Asus GTX 980Ti Strix DCIII OC (6GB, GDDR5) x2 in SLI, Samsung 850 EVO 1TB SSD x3, LG BH16NS40 16x SATA Internal BDRW, EVGA 1200 P2 Watt PSU, Cooler Master HAF X, ASUS ROG Swift PG278Q (G-Sync) monitor at 120Hz. Windows 7 Pro 64bit. Prepar3D v3.4.9.18400
  12. Hi, After I finished reporting this issue I returned to the running program and discovered the following 'Log Alert Report' had popped up: I clicked on 'Yes' (twice as the above message reappeared) and, bingo, the 'Airport Theme Installed' window reporting 'Success!' with the 'Your airport theme has been installed. Click the OK button to continue.' message appeared. However, there is still no sign of my saved Theme. When I exited WWA HD I was asked if I wanted to back up my saved themes and again it reported success. I looked in the 'REX Worldwide Airports' folder, but couldn't be sure whether there was a backup or not. Regards, Mike
  13. Hi, Congratulations on yet another excellent product! Unfortunately, I seem to have encountered a problem. Installation proceded to completion without any problems. Everything setup correctly, High Definition Textures selected and backup of original P3D (v3.4.9.18400) files created. Configured to Run as Administrator and REX Worldwide Airports excluded from scanning by ESET NOD32 (v9.0.402.0). I created my first Theme using the first texture set from each category and okay'd to Save. Saving was confirmed and I was asked if I wished to install to the sim. I agreed and the Installing Airport Theme window appeared. The 'Please Wait! We are presently installing your airport theme into Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D...etc' message persisted with no CPU or HD activity. Had to leave program by 'End Task' (REX-World wide Airports HD Status in Task Manager: Running). Reloaded WWA HD and checked to confirm it had been saved but nothing was present !? Tried again with same result. WWA HD installed on same drive as P3D (D:) Regards, Mike Order Number FSGVQJGEZ
  14. Hi Denis, LM released a fix quite recently: http://www.prepar3d.com/forum-5/topic/fix-for-cloud-issues-in-2-4/ ....and it works! Mike
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