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  1. Thank you, it works. But not easy to settle, compared to the original version of WX Advantage Radar. The sensitivity is not adjustable (it seems to me). Why not put the GPS or the radar on an independent view, with the keys 1 or 2 of the keyboard to facilitate the adjustments, as is done on some plane. cordially
  2. I have downloaded the Dll, but I do not know where to install it. I try different solutions, but nothing works. Where should I put it? cordially
  3. Thank you for your reply I think I'm not the only one wanting to operate the weather radar I'm waiting for the solution Cordially
  4. I installed Advantage radar which works perfectly well on my aircraftc But with the new DHC 2 of Milviz it does not operate on the board of the plane. I tried everything but it seems to me that it misses a link to the gauge of the radar, and that the panel does not work. How do I operate my favorite radar on this plane? The Milviz site is not explicit for this topic cordially
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