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  1. RESOLVED thought I was verified?

    Hi Tim Hope alls well with you! All ok with verification, but still have issue with updating REX to latest build. Have re submitted a request here http://www.realenvironmentxtreme.com/forums/index.php?/topic/36624-problem-trying-to-update/ Many thanks John
  2. RESOLVED thought I was verified?

    dooh!!... Just seen I am verified.. old age!
  3. Hi guys, Been away for a long time but back now in the interest of P3Dv3 I am having trouble with service pack updating, but in order to post support, I need to be verified. I thought I verified my account ages ago. It is now showing im not. My troubles are I cant update to latest service pack for my REX textures direct. My build is 0115 and I am trying to update to 0818. When I go to install, the only option this gives me is to modify, repair or remove REX. I have tried both modify and repair (because I dont want to remove the program).... but I am still stuck on version 0115 and cant go any further. Really frustrating and any help would be so appreciated Many thanks John
  4. Soft Clouds - Im really impressed!

    Thank you....and to you too Tim. Hope you and your family are having the most wonderful Christmas!
  5. Well, this was a fantastic surprise...and for 10 bucks, was one too hard to resist. Installation went well... fired up P3D 2.4 and was instantly wowed just how much these add to the realism in flying through real clouds. A job well done guys!... how could I ever doubt you anyhow! Cheers John Edit - Those that dont see a download link immediatly.... be patient. You will recieve it within a few minutes after purchasing it
  6. alienware pc

    For sale: Alienware Aurora.. please see my sig for details :D
  7. alienware pc

    I got an Alienware Aurora about a couple of years ago. It has an old i7 920 cpu @2.66. But I could only overclock via the built in level clock system to 3.2ghz. I wish I had built a system instead of getting this alienware. Its a shame as they put it together with the cheapest of parts, motherboard is locked more tighter than a Nun's chastity belt!.. even the memory that came pre installed was all mismatched brand of very low quality. I did replace the memory with some much better memory. I plan on replacing the motherboard, cpu, gpu soon so I can get more out of it. But I have quite good performance, with some tweaks to my fsx config, I can run most thing max or to the right
  8. My flight training

    Thats fantastic news and really glad you have taken to it. Seems like you did a good job on your first go. Thing is, it will all come together and you will soon be on your first solo flight! Good luck and keep us posted
  9. Plane crash from the cockpit!

    Bloody el! You could tell this was a recipe for disaster. I heard about this earlier. They were in Idaho, it was a baking hot day, Idaho mostly being 2'000 - 5'000 ft above sea level so the air density was much lower. Add the weight of all those passngers. The plane was really struggling to get off the ground. Just not enough lift. The pilot should have put it down when he could. It then decided not to and as he was over the trees, he pitched up but didnt have the airspeed. Glad they all lived. But here's another one that tells a completly different story
  10. Problem with ILS Approaches

    I use this one too.. FS Charts http://www.fscharts.com
  11. REX Essential Overdrive

    I think we should give the REX team a break. They have worked their butts off for months on end to bring us this FREE update REX Essentials. I would have imagined they were anticipating in releasing OD shortly after, but there have been a few minor issues with REXE and they are trying to resolve these in a patch which I would imagine will be incorporated into Rexe OD when they are happy to release this. Hence the delay in Overdrive. But Im sure when it is released, we are gonna be looking at a flawless product we can all enjoy I think they have done an amazing job and need all the apreciation and admiration they so deserve
  12. Stress

    .... leaving on a jet plane, dont know when I'll be back again

    That was amazing... one of the best FSX vids iv seen!
  14. Happy Birthday Aaron ( Caaront )

    Love your avator!.. Literally just watched this movie!
  15. Happy birthday Aaron. Hope you have a great one buddy!