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  1. After hibernating for almost 3 years (sim-wise that is) I decided to "fire up the FSX box" and reinstall the goodies along with "ye old simulator" from M$oft... Couldn't help checking out my old forum so to speak, but wheeez, Tim and Reed haven't been hibernating! What a load of stuff... I feel silly with my Essential + OD.... Anyway, how'd y'all doing over here? Still some of the old folks hanging out here or are the cubicles at REX HQ cleared of silly old brats like me? Looking forward to comm. with some of you again and just wait for my support questions - they'll be hard to crack!! Kees Z.
  2. Hi, no it will not work that way! Pls read the manual on the proper procedures. In short: you cannot change REX settings within the FSX menus!
  3. Have a lot of things happening the way you planned them and a lot of things happening to you and your loved ones that you didn't plan but work out benificial!!
  4. Hi, strange you're running the wx plus mode, which doesn't stress your system that much. Would you please try to use the standard mode to see if you have the same results on the weather injections?
  5. Hi, which version of rexe are you using? Please inform, so I can move this topic to the proper support forum.
  6. Hi, that's impossible, there is no metar for your flying location, only an interpolated one from FSX. If you want to see that one, that would be rather difficult, try running a FSUIPC weather log in a console window and you will see what I mean....
  7. Hi, first question, no it doesn't include OD and second question, you are already verified, so you can find the download of the proper OD version!
  8. Hi, I'm doing it very simple. Download a lot of airport charts or use them online, some great sites available, esp. for the US and CND. When planning a flight, the weather dictates my runway and I'm selecting the " logical" exit point for the control area of the airport. In the FMC I select the appropriate SID, which you can find on the charts. Same goes for the STAR on arrival. Do not forget to include the approach procedure for the chosen runway and the transit, if applicable.
  9. Hi, we're not planning an App right now, as we're working on Latitude and Simair right now. But it might be an idea for the near future to integrate the use of tablets into our strategy.
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