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  1. Which add-on to buy for FSX (New Pilot)?

    The PMDG 777 is pretty good if you are into the long hauls. The aircraft currently has a few small bugs though, but should be fixed in a couple of weeks with the release of the -300 expansion. The 737 NGX is solid for medium and short hauls though, and in some respects, I think it's the better plane (it has a heads up display, and there are more switches to flip). It's even better if you get FS2Crew for it, as that program simulates a co-pilot flipping switches beside you among other things. Some stuff that's not on your list and may make you drool would be the aircraft made by a2asimulations (www.a2asimulations.com). Their Accusim line of products is second to none. Their aircraft are so detailed that you can almost feel the vibrations of the engine, the chugging of the starter on cold weather days, the bumps you encounter when taxiing, and the whole aerodynamic forces. I highly recommend their Civilian P-51, which is currently my preferred IFR platform. It is fast, has a century III autopilot (which is similar to some of the gear on some real world IFR trainers), can do limited aerobatics, and can feel everything from torque to P-factor. Their Cessna 172 is also a great aircraft that feels close to the real thing--it allows you to check the oil, and will likely get you in a bind if you don't inspect it carefully every flight!
  2. I've dumped a lot of money into flight simming over the years. I think it's different for everyone, but for me, it carries an entertainment value, it can be relaxing, and yes, it is a very convenient way to get a taste of reality if the sim is good or can be made good. I'm currently flying for a living, and in retrospect, I think to an extent, I actually enjoy simming more. The view may be incomparable, but I certainly don't have the luxury of being able to fly around the world, or take a single out in icing conditions, or doing stunts over controlled airspace, or enjoying all the above with friends of different ilks. On top of that, simming is pretty stress free. When I fly at work, it feels like work. When I fly in the sim, it feels like a vacation. That, and I can mess with machines I would likely never touch in my career, even if it's all just 1s and 0s inside my computer. Recently, I got into Euro Truck Simulator 2. Not that I could stand driving for hours on a highway for a living, but I enjoy the sim immensely because it's fun and it jogs my imagination. It takes the dirt out from reality and is an adventure every time.
  3. FSX, X-Plane, and Real-Life Flying

    Congrats! I hope you had fun during your first solo. Flight Sim got me into aviation as well. I started with Flight Sim 5.1 back in the old days, and ever since then, I've been hooked. It helped me get quite a headstart on flying, and as it has been chimed before, I too wouldn't have known a lot of what I do today. Today, I'm a commercial flight instructor with a multi-engine IFR rating, and I probably wouldn't have made it this far without my nerdish addiction of desktop flying BTW, for a good 172 simulation experience, I recommend the Carenado 172N coupled with Accufeel from A2A. It feels a little more real to me than X-Plane (then again, it is an old N model), though X-Plane's 172 isn't bad either. A2A Simulations is supposed to be coming out with a 172 model soon too, which should be top notch.
  4. My flight training

    Congrats. Ready to solo already! Good for you!
  5. Some great stuff you must have done. Sorry to hear about the injury. Wish you well with life as a father though
  6. Plane crash from the cockpit!

    I'm glad they all got out
  7. Update on pmdg 777

    Oh cool! My wallet is getting hyped about this, and it's hard to control it
  8. Some real life

    Those clouds are amazing
  9. 737NGX

    The NGX isn't too too costly on framerates.... Hard to say though. How does FSX run on your computer in general? Do you use any other addons? I'd say, if you can adjust your settings and achieve 25 fps or greater, you can run the NGX just fine with some tweaking.
  10. Stress

    Looks like I need a holiday.... badly
  11. Missing REX Chat ?

    Perhaps if some rules can be laid out within the Chat? Like stating clearly that no support would be given without an order # every time you sign in? I'm already missing some of Reid's jokes
  12. Weather Interpolation - Supposed to wait?

    Great. Thanks Tim!
  13. Just a quick usage question about REX-E. I really enjoy the weather interpolation in the new weather engine, but it does take a few minutes to complete as per the "Please Wait Until Complete!" bar at the bottom of the REX GUI. However, I noticed that it doesn't exactly bar my way from starting up FSX or loading up WASys, so I was wondering if I have to wait until it finishes before WASys works properly or does it do all of this in the background even if WASys and FSX is running?
  14. FSX Airport for crosswinds

    It kind of depends on what runways are in place, but if I were looking for a windy challenge, I'd simply google up what the windiest cities are and find a strip that isn't built into the direction of the wind.