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  1. Thank you for your honest reply. Best regards. Jean-Claude
  2. Thank you for these points. However perhaps my first question was not correctly formulated, my main concern is what the cloud rendition (natures, structures, textures) will be on long haul flights like London to Singapore, Toronto to Sao Paulo, Chicago to Honolulu, Zurich to Bangkok, where one would cross weather conditions and aerology systems drastically different - especially during winter season in the Northern Hemisphere -, how will AS16+REX SF3D cope with that in sorting out clouds? Having flown for years in the Far-East as a pilot, my experience was that weather systems would certainly not be similar appearance-wise to what you find in Europe or in North-America, or South-America. Is this too sophisticated for simulations yet, or is this covered adequately with the weather engine and REX? I also realise that most "simmers" remain in their known "territory" (European fly in Europe, Americans in America...), few venture beyond those geographical boundaries (that explains why so few Asian sceneries are available for flight simulation), consequently wont bother much about such refinements... Thank you for your kind help.
  3. I am presently using AS16 + ASCA + ENVTEX. My simulated flights are essentially long hauls from Europe to Asia, or from North America to Pacific or South America or Australia, hence a lot of weather variations including several types of very different clouds. For example, when doing a flight from EGLL to WSSS at this time of the year, this will involve a wide array of cloud structures and textures. Using AS16 as the weather engine, would REX SF3 be able to manage this for me and how? Do I need to select a set of clouds before starting P3Dv4? Lastly, do I understand SF3D would also handle several layers of clouds? (I am presently running up to seven layers). Thank you for your kind clarifications. Jean-Claude
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