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  1. I have the same issue. I will uninstall but before doing so I want to know what I should do so as to avoid any surprises after a re-install. Should I delete shaders, if so where and how, anything else I should know before installing please? Incidentally, I have downloaded only one version when I bought the software three weeks ago from your site. Thank you.
  2. I am presently doing a flight from VHHX to ZSPD. Departure weather was calling for thunderstorms in the vicinity. However, instead of the usual intermittent lightnings, I get the regularity of the airplane strobe lights even on the tarmac when the strobe lights were off. Cruising at 35'000 feet now, in clear weather, I am still getting the lightnings every second... I am using AS4 + SkyForce + EnvironmentForce (including latest patch) in automation mode. This is the first time I get this sort of problem and it is quite disturbing for the eyes. Strobe lights are not related to that, this persists even when I close them. Which element could cause this please and how can I stop it? Thank you.
  3. Many thanks for your reply, I believe I now understand better, one needs to make a choice of textures "provider", hence, the best combination would be to avoid using ASCA and ENVTEX/ENVSHADE altogether and use only Sky Force and Environment Force. When reading the advertising I initially thought Environment Force would pick and choose the best adequate textures within any existing of the textures software, it does, but it must be in one or the other not in all of them. Last clarification please, in Automation mode and using ONLY Sky Force as the source of textures and structures, do we need to open SF or not? Thank you.
  4. I have been browsing through the various threads and could see a few points and recommendations here and there, but since your product is compatible with all the listed products in the title, would it not make sense to offer a proper start-up procedure so as to avoid the trial and error frustrations of having so many add-ons taking care of the weather and the environment and also - and above all - make sure we benefit of the full potential of Environment Force? For example, could you review the following procedure and correct/complete it if you see any error in it or have better suggestions: Start AS4 ASCA starts automatically after AS4. Question: Do we have to unselect and un-install the textures that we had selected before installing REF? ENVTEX and ENVSHADE Question: we have to open them or not? Do we have to remove the imported selection of textures and shades previously installed in P3D before installing REF? REX Sky Force,. Question: Do we need to start it or leave it closed (my understanding is that it can be left closed)? REX Environment Force starts (Automation for me) P3Dv4.5 launched. Thank you for your helpful clarifications. Jean-Claude
  5. I downloaded all seven REX texture direct folders on PC Aviator and started the install procedure following strictly the manual steps. When your installer starts Microsoft Net 4.5 installer, it downloads the software but when coming to the installation part of it, it hangs and gives me a warning message that another install process is active and that I should wait until it's completed before pressing retry, but there is NO other install process other than REX 4. if I press "Retry" then within two seconds I get the same warning message, if I press "cancel" evidently the install aborts and the needed software is not installed and REX 4 cannot be installed (or so I believe). To circumvent this I downloaded separately the Microsoft NET 4.5 and tried to install it, with exactly the same result!!! even thought the REX 4 installer was not running. So please how can I overcome this situation so as to be able to install REX 4? Thank you for your help. Jean-Claude Purchase 126656 PC Aviator 21/04/2014
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