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  1. There are some estimated date for release?
  2. Uau! We will see effects such as tornadoes, hurricanes or auroras? Enviado desde mi C6903 mediante Tapatalk
  3. OK. I like that you have seemed a good idea. I want my five percent hehehe It would also be wrong to test the beta regards
  4. Hello, I think a very interesting product with many possibilities. Seeing the manual, I can think of a feature that you could include in the future. Besides having weather cells, it would be cool to have as presets of cells weathers groups already created and they can be reused. For example, you could create a zone of instability combining various weathers cells and save the combination for use in another weather scenerio elsewhere in the world. We could have presets hurricanes, fog, storms, etc. ready to be used anywhere with just a click, without having to create a new weather scenario always starting from zero with simple Weathers Cells. Not if I have explained well. It's an idea. regards
  5. One question: REX ESS OD will will also have the characteristics of REX ESS+ ? or there will be a distinct plus version for OD after its release? I do not doubt that you are working hard on the development, but understand it's been a while since the announcement and look forward to having it in our simulator. Anyway, I agree that it is better to wait and have a finished product that one half with much failure. Grettings
  6. Hello, UKsnapper, occurs only when you use the utility or also occurs without using and adding the value affinity fsx.cfg? Regards
  7. Hello So in the end will be two versions. Both versions will be free upgrades for those who have a legal copy? Regards
  8. Posting for verification. Excellent product. Thanks.