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  1. Ok its happening to me also. sall the same post and gave this a try: Sorry, P3D3.3 academic Please do the following: 1.) Please go to this website to reset your account:http://www.rexwebservices.com/issuetracker/customervalidation.aspx 2.) Then open REX and navigate to the CONFIGURATION MANAGER->GENERAL TAB 3.) Click the RESTORE button under the BACKUP/RESTORE CONFIGURATION SETTINGS header. 4.) Enter your username and password you created when you purchased the item. If you can't remember your password go to this page to retrieve it:http://www.rexwebservices.com/issuetracker/useraccount.aspx 5.) Click the RESTORE button This will reinstate your access. BUT, nope, said it cant update. I have the receipt email for the $4.99 for this. any suggestions? Love the product, would love it to work. Thanks, Kevin
  2. I show Microsoft ESP SimConnect Client v1.0.20.0
  3. windows Home Premium 7 service pack 1 Ram 8.0 GB GeForce GTX 6600 No overclocking3 931 GB hard drive No Network I do not have FSX installed I have P3D v2.5 Connected to Internet Fire wall turned off during instillation and start up No FSUIPC C: Program files(x86) LockheedMartin / P3d
  4. Really? did you not read my posts? do you not see my signature at the bottom showing what system I have ect.... how about tayloring your replys to my problem, instead of just shotgunning a question out there.
  5. I do not have FSX installed. Im running P3D v2.5 as a stand alone program
  6. Error message appeared while installing. "Unable to install or run the application. The application requires that assembly Microsoft FlightSimulator.SimConnect Verison10.061.290.0 be installed in the Global Assembly Cache (GAC) first." could not continue I do not have FSX installed on this computer. I use the Estonian Migratory tool for my old add on's. I dont know if this is a issue or not. thanks oops the error was while I was trying to install the Verification tool
  7. yes that is the problem I am having. the simconnect.msi wont load, I keep getting the above error. And where can I find the REX Validation Tool? Was that part of the instilation package? thanks Edit: REX seems to be installed. I can run the weather for a station and the data shows up. All else seems fine, but the "radar" does not start or show up and P3D starts with no weather "injection" to it also. hope more info helps. thanks
  8. Ok first off, I know this is a closed topic. But I tried the fix as in the above post and got this error message when I tried to run SimConnect. Microsoft Flight Simulator SimConnet.version="10.06.1259.0".type=win32".processor/architecture="x.86".publicKey Token="67c7c14424d61b5b" as always, any help is welcomed
  9. I cant get to the about screen. it tells me the simulator folder location is empty. I try to enter the location and nothing happens. it will not except the FSX location and will not let me continue to the about REX screen
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