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  1. I'm a long time user of REX products and I took a bit of a break from the flight sim world due to busy life and frustrations with FSX. I have since returned to the flightsim world and am now using P3D and am missing my REX essentials. I see that there is a 20% discount on the new products for customers of previous REX products and was wondering if this applies to changing over to P3D also? And if so I would I go about purchasing the new product seeing as I cant purchase from original place of purchase. Thanks for your time and look forward to getting back to using REX. Thanks, Mark
  2. Problem is solved. I removed all files and then reinstalled the Lancair and now all is well with the GPS. Must have had a corrupt file somwhere.
  3. As I stated in my first post I have posted on their forum for support but have not had any luck yet. I have seen quite a few members over here have the Lancair and thought that maybe one of them might of had a similar issue, or just maybe could shed a little light on my problem.
  4. When I turn the GPS on it goes through it's boot screens and stops on the last screen where the word "OK" is flashing in the lower right corner. No buttons or dials seem to work to change the screen. The map or menu screens will not come up. Can anyone lend some advice on this. I posted on the FTX forums also but no luck as of yet. Thanks, Mark
  5. Sorry I must have missed it. As for your question I tried that airport myself and did not see anything like you are describing. REX only changes the textures, not the placement of the textures so I don't think your problem is a result of REX. You may have a corruption that resulted during the removal of X Graphics or have you added another addon that deals with landclass or mesh?
  6. IanH, You need to add your order number to your signature as per http://realenvironmentxtreme.com/forum/index.php?topic=10391.0 in order to get anyone to help you. Same as with your other post.
  7. That list has been around for quite some time. Thanks Tom for posting that. I was trying to remember where I found that to give the link to FiftySix.
  8. If you are 805 then you need to install service pack 1 to bring you up to 818. Then from there it looks as if you could install the service pack 3 that is for 818. Or you could do it the long way and do service pack 1 then sevice pack 2 then install service pack 3. Either way you atleast need service pack 1 before you can install 3.
  9. Looks like a fantastic trip there Dj. Thanks for sharing the pics.
  10. I think REX could do real well with "RealFlight". RealFlight has a large following and REX could do wonders to the looks of it. Below is a quick youtube vid of RealFlight for the ones that don't know about it. This vid is of G4 they are now at G5.
  11. Did the IRS push Billy Bob too far? Headlines read: Man crashes plane into Texas office building Officials: Pilot was upset with IRS, act may have been intentional AUSTIN, Texas - A software engineer upset with the Internal Revenue Service set fire to his home Thursday and then flew his plane into a multistory office building that houses federal tax employees, authorities said. The pilot was presumed to have died in the crash, federal law enforcement officials said. At least two people were injured and a third person who worked in the building was unaccounted for, fire officials said. The crash caused a fire that sent black smoke billowing from the seven-story Echelon Building. The fire was extinguished hours later. Full story below http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/35460268/ns/us_news-life?GT1=43001
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